Resveratrol Juices Review – Genesis Today and Symmetry

Resveratrol juices and drinks are an alternative to other delivery methods commonly used in resveratrol dietary supplements. The explosive media coverage received by Resveratrol has led to significant developments in resveratrol delivery to improve its bioavailability. However, it has also created multiple opportunities for manufacturers to come up with different ways to market and sell resveratrol products. After evaluating numerous delivery methods and supplements, I decided to order some of these new resveratrol juices and give them a try. Here’s my review.

Genesis TodayResveratrol Juice

This resveratrol juice is produced by Genesis Today and seems to be exclusively sold at Walmart. While the price is very inexpensive and comparable to just about any other juice in the grocery aisle ($6.99), I had to search high and low at three different Walmarts before I was able to get my hands on one, so I additionally spent about $18 in fuel driving from one place to another. The resveratrol dosage in this juice is relatively small at only 50 mg per 8 ounce glass, and it is not clear what type of resveratrol is used. However, Genesis is a reputable manufacturer and the product must also meet Walmart’s quality assurance standards. It also has significant dosages of vitamins B12 and C. The biggest problem I had with this particular resveratrol juice is the 27 grams of sugar it contains. That is more sugar than the amount found in a can of soda, and any potential health benefit that the vitamins and the resveratrol may have are completely overshadowed by the damaging effects of the sugar and the 130 calories per serving. If you want to get your resveratrol in a drink, a glass of wine or a natural grape juice would be a better source of the polyphenol. In my opinion, this is not a resveratrol supplement, it’s a sugary drink with resveratrol thrown in. My rating: D.

4Resveratrol™ Juice Supplement

This juice is also produced by Genesis Today and is available online as well as in selected Whole Foods Supermarkets. Not every Whole Foods carries it, so it’s better to either order it online or call ahead to see if it’s in stock. The average retail price for a bottle of this resveratrol juice supplement is about $38.95, which is significantly higher than most resveratrol supplements available in the market today. The bottle has 32 ounces, which provides approximately one month of supply as the serving size is 1 oz. The resveratrol dosage in this juice is sufficient as a supplement, as it contains 175 mg of Japanese Knotweed transresveratrol per serving, as well as additional grape extracts. In relation to the Walmart version, this resveratrol juice produced by Genesis Today has less sugar – only 8 grams – and fewer calories (35). Unfortunately, this relative “lack” of sugar affects the taste of the product significantly, giving it an unpleasant taste. It’s similar in taste to the grape-flavored cough medicines, without their sweetness. In conclusion, if you don’t mind the high price and the bad taste, this is a potent and effective resveratrol supplement. My rating: C.

SymmetryGenesis Resveratrol Juice

This resveratrol juice is produced by a company called “Symmetry” that also uses the word “Genesis” as part of the product’s labeling, but has no apparent relationship with Genesis Today. This resveratrol juice product is only available online through what appears to be a network of multi-level resellers. The retail price for a bottle of this resveratrol juice supplement is about $46, which is higher than nearly any other resveratrol supplement in the market today. It comes in a beautifully designed 32 ounce bottle, which may be to partially account for the price of the item, as well as to provide sufficient margins for the multi-level resellers. The resveratrol dosage in this juice is nearly impossible to determine, as it claims to have a “proprietary blend” of ingredients that they call “Xtranol 24.” In addition, they don’t specify which type of resveratrol they use, and their proprietary blend contains a number of added ingredients including apple juice, melon extract and an “herbal infusion.” The serving size is 1 ounce, similar to the previous product reviewed. The taste of Symmetry’s resveratrol product is actually pretty good considering that it doesn’t have a lot of sugar relative to the Genesis Today products. However, I can’t get over their exorbitant price and fact that they don’t specify the type or amount of resveratrol per serving. My rating: F.

Conclusion: Don’t Waste Your Money

Simply stated, there are much better resveratrol supplements out there. Unless you have to take resveratrol in liquid form, I suggest you pick a different delivery method for resveratrol. My favorite resveratrol supplement to date is EZMELTS Resveratrol 150 fast melting tablets. They are delicious, sugarless and calorie-free, making them a tastier and healthier choice than the juices. They melt quickly in your mouth without swallowing and without any need for water, so if you have difficulty swallowing, they are an excellent alternative to juices. EZMELTS Resveratrol tablets come in blister packets, so they are safe and portable. Most importantly, each serving provides 150 mg of pure trans-resveratrol from Polygonum Cuspidatum. If you really must have “liquid” red wine resveratrol, I suggest you pick up a good Merlot. If you want a resveratrol supplement, I recommend EZMELTS Resveratrol 150.

Disclaimer: This review is for informational purposes only, and constitutes an editorial opinion piece. The products and brands included in this article are the property and trademark of their owners, and are only disclosed for information and evaluation purposes.

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