Resumes: Top Phrases To Avoid Using

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Resumes: Top Phrases To Avoid Using

The 2009 job market is very different from job markets of the past. If you haven’t job-hunted in a while, the changes in the landscape can throw you for a loop. One of the biggest changes is the shift in what constitutes a strong resume. Years ago, we could pull out a phrase to fill out a sentence or bullet point on our resume. Everybody used the same phrases, so we knew we couldn’t go wrong choosing one of them — or many — to throw into your resume.

But things have changed. Stodgy phrases in your resume today mark you as uncreative and “vocabulary challenged.” You can make your resume more compelling and human-sounding by rooting out and replacing the boring corporate-speak phrases that litter it, and replacing them with human language — things that people like you or I would actually say.

Here are the worst 10 phrases — the ones to seek out and destroy in your resume as soon as possible:

Results-oriented professional

Cross-functional teams

More than x years of progressively responsible experience

Superior (or excellent) communication skills

Strong work ethic

Met or exceeded expectations

Proven track record of success

Works well with all levels of staff

Team player

Bottom-line orientation

You can do better. What about adding a human voice to your resume? Here’s an example:

“I’m a Marketing Researcher who’s driven by curiosity about why people buy what they do. At XYZ Industries, I used consumer surveys and online-forum analysis to uncover the reasons why consumers chose our competitors over us; our sales grew twenty percent over the next six months as a result. I’m equally at home on sales calls or analyzing data in seclusion, and up to speed on traditional and new-millennium research tools and approaches. I’m fanatical about understanding our marketplace better every day, week and month — and have helped my employers’ brands grow dramatically as a result.”

You don’t have to write resumes that sound like robots wrote them. A human-voiced resume is the new black — try it!

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