Resume Writing Tip 3 – Your Preferred Job Title Generates Attention

Welcome to installment three of my “Resume Writing Tip” series! Unfortunately, there seems to be much confusion and much conflicting information about how to write attention getting resumes. This particular tip focuses on one particular way to generate much desired attention to you by using Your Preferred Job Title.

Frequently just under every person’s contact information they list a job title. Something like “Sales Professional” in big bold letters appears. Although this message is direct, it misses the mark because it is too generic. How many self described unemployed “sales professionals” are in the market today? Too many.

I have also recently seen many with “Senior HR Professional” or “Public Relations Professional” as the title. This message lacks punch typically sending your resume on a shortcut to the trash receptacle. This resume writing tip implores you to get away from using these generic titles and begin describing yourself as a more than a “professional”. Anyone can claim that, provide action oriented titles instead.

Use words that describe your impact on the company or the results you intend to generate. For example, instead of “Sales Professional,” mix it up to “Million Dollar Revenue Producer,” or “40{7bd3c7ad8bdfca6261de5ca927cd789e17dbb7ab504f10fcfc6fb045f62ae8d5} Guaranteed Market Share.” Your resume and this resume writing tip have one primary objective. That is, to generate enough interest on the part of the employer to bring you in for the face to face interview.

I know you have heard this a lot, yet it is absolutely true (and this resume writing tip would not be complete without mentioning it), in that your resume has little time (5-8 seconds) to generate enough interest to advance your candidacy. The first thing the reviewer, hiring manager or human resources representative is going to see is your header and title. It has to capture their attention in a positive manner. Remember, generically written titles do not resonate. Put yourself in the position of your audience. What would attract your attention? What makes it worthwhile to keep reading? Grab their attention as quickly as possible.

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