Resume Tips for 2010, Article #4, Powerful Resume Tips for 2010

Resume Tips For 2010, Article #4

The Powerful Resume Help You Need

Here we are in this increasingly complex society. Technology changes daily, which means the consumer markets change in response to that, and the suppliers of the technology change to keep pace with all of that…

But there is good news:
This article is the fourth in your series of resume tips and resume help articles designed to help you easily navigate today’s resume requirements.

In brief, the process of creating your powerful, job-winning resume is an easy step by step process.

Did you miss any of the preceding resume tips articles from this series?

For those who did, this is the super quick overview:
up till now we covered three articles of powerful resume makeover strategies.

We started your resume help journey in article #1 with a quick introduction to why it is critical to know
Your Strengths
Your Weaknesses
Your Skills
Your Talents
Your Personal Preferences
In the resume tips articles #2 and #3 we cringed at the risks of not dealing with those topics. Then we dug into the practical details and easy ways you can unveil your strengths, weaknesses, skills, and talents.

Believe me, these are all must-read articles when you want to build the best resume for your winning job search.

Capture all that information about yourself now, keep it in a safe place, and be ready to use it again! The truth is this: every bit of that information will feed into the hardest questions you receive during your interviews.

Resume tips summary:
Yes! You need to know yourself thoroughly to create your best resume. Plus, you need to know that same set of information to deliver your best interviews!

Building on all that success, in this article you get to make the choice between staying on the same career path you have been on, or press on to learn the options still open to you.

Option 1.
Is this something you might say? “I know what I want, and it is the same job I have been working on all along. It is in demand. And it fits what I need.”

Did you agree to that saying? If yes, then you are in an awesome place! Stay on that trail!

Option 2.
If the option 1. Group does not sound like you, then you have the opportunity to let your imagination run wild!

Remember, if you think you cannot make time to invest in this type of thing, then think about how much you are going to regret it if you wake up 10 years from now still hating your career.

Invest in your future! You are worth the time!

A quick way to make it fun: build your “Top 3’s” lists!
Call your best friend over and ask for a favor: ask them to be your guide and coach toward your future. It is easy, just sit with your friend and read through the notes you wrote in the article #2 and #3 exercises.

Yes, it is possible that your friend may disagree with some of your notes, but push your friend to help you circle the three most powerful items in each category (your skills, talents, strengths, weaknesses, and preferences).

With your prioritized lists of “Top 3” you are ready to be promoted to our next article for this series.

Keep watching! Article #5 will get you the key insights on how you can leverage these results to find your best career. Knowing your best career choices will put you into that winning position to seriously focus your job search and get into a powerful interview campaign.

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