Resume for CNA: Get Interview Fast With Secret Resume Tips

It does not matter if you have just recently received your certification as a nursing assistant, or if you have been working in the healthcare field for more than a decade. There is nothing that is as likely to get you hired as soon as possible than an excellent, well-written resume that properly showcases your strengths and convinces future employers to take their chances at you and ask you for an interview.

When writing CNA resumes, remember to keep the following things in mind.

Put your name at the top, and your contact details immediately after. You want to make sure that once a future employer makes the decision to call you in for an interview, they would not have to waste their time looking for ways to reach you. Include your full name, your telephone number, your email address and your current home address. Be careful about writing down your email address! Use a professional sounding one-your cutesy high school email address will only put you off employers’ lists.

Next, spend some time writing a well-thought out objective. Show future employers that aside from knowing what your goals, you are also the perfect fit for their company.

Also remember to list all the places where you have received your training and your certifications. The more places, the better, but be careful to write down only the most relevant details. If it looks like you are only trying to pad up a weak resume, you can probably say goodbye to that job offer.

List all the places you have previously worked in. If there are not any yet, you can also rely on nonprofit and volunteer organizations where you may have devoted some of your healthcare skills. Highlight your skills, and highlight the traits that you believe will make you an excellent certified nursing assistant.

Have some references in handy. It depends entirely on you whether you want to immediately include someone who can speak out for you, or if you want to make your references a little more confidential by making them available upon request. Just be sure that you have someone in mind already, so you are not surprised if someone does ask for them.

Finally, do not forget to revise! Writing CNA resumes may seem easy, but if you keep letting grammatical mistakes, you probably would not be receiving as many offers for those elusive job interviews.

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