Reserved for ladies

Ladies and Gentlemen well, ladies!

If the health bug has bitten you and fitness is your one true goal, then be prepared for a host of fitness centers catering exclusively to you.

With a slew of upcoming women gyms and fitness centers, trimming down and toning up has become all the more interesting for the fairer sex.

Ladies fitness centers or ladies gyms in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and other urban areas have become extremely commonplace and are frequented by women of all ages. These fitness centers’ sole aim is to provide a holistic experience to women by offering aerobic routines, pilates, dance routines, along with cardiovascular and toning exercises.

These fitness centers offer general exercises like Zumba – a high intensity interval training that involves both dance and aerobic elements, along with Aerobics, Pilates, Barre, weight-training, cardio, etc., but their exclusivity lies in customized and scientific fitness plans, special nutritionists, and personal trainers that provide both guidance and motivation. Advanced level workouts like circuit training, time-based intervals, functional training, and body weight resistance are also offered.


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Everybody talks about cardio without knowing what that actually means. Aerobics is commonly known as cardio. Stair climbing, Elliptical trainer, Indoor rower, Stairmaster, Stationary bicycle, Treadmill, Walking, Cycling, Running, Cross-country skiing, Cross-country running, Nordic walking, Inline skating, Rowing, Swimming, Kickboxing, skipping rope or jump rope, Circuit training, jumping jacks and Jogging are a few of the many physical exercises included in aerobics.

Women get into a comfortable zone quite easily with the help of group sessions and friendly female instructors. A women-friendly environment is a boon for those who feel even mildly uncomfortable working out alongside men at any regular gym. While some fitness centers are completely dedicated to women, others have marked specific hours during which male members are not allowed.

Such centers not only help women achieve their fitness goals faster, but also create a community of like-minded women who are able to influence and motivate others. 

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