Research On Anti Aging Natural Skin Care Products

An astonishing 69{7bd3c7ad8bdfca6261de5ca927cd789e17dbb7ab504f10fcfc6fb045f62ae8d5} wrinkle reduction in 8 weeks! How many times have you seen ads like that? Is there new research on anti aging natural skin care products which will give us that magical cream to make us look young for eternity? The answer is not yet!

A company has just been awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation to help it develop its work on synthesising components of human tissue. They are concentrating on producing a type of elastin which is essential to keep skin firm and supple.

If you can open your mouth or flex a muscle, it is thanks to this protein which is basically the most flexible and elastic element in your whole body. Did you know that we actually stop generating elastin after the age of twelve? Neither botox injections nor cosmetic surgery will reverse the process which we started when we were not even teenagers.

Adding this protein to anti aging natural skin care products is not on the cards as it cannot penetrate the skin and it cannot be added topically. Beware of products that claim that they are replenishing low stocks of elastin. By the way these companies are getting their supplies from cows and birds. Mad cow disease and avian flu spring to mind, Enough said!

But the latest research has revealed that scientists are at work on genetics and are trying to find the gene that makes this precious protein. Once found, there would be all sorts of possibilities for it to start regenerating elastin and your skin would remain supple, firm and smooth forever. Dream on! There would be no need at all for any anti aging natural skin care products, once that happened.

While we are waiting for the researchers to produce this miracle genetic and biochemical engineering, I wanted to tell you about the best anti aging skin care I know of. There actually IS an ingredient on the market right now, which can help you to actually regenerate your own collagen and elastin. This is a new cutting edge substance.

Many of the big cosmetic companies have not even begun to realize the potential of this substance in anti aging natural skin care products. Moreover they are hardly aware of its existence as the company producing it is in New Zealand and has dedicated more of its profits to research than advertising.

Don’t wait around for the scientists to produce the best anti aging miracle. It is happening here and now. Find out more by visiting my site.

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