Remove Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool

Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool was originally an antimalware tool created by Microsoft a few years ago. However, a new breed of malware is now mimicking as Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool and hijacking host computers in order to make money. This Trojan masquerades as a legitimate malware remover which will do a false scan of your computer and come up with a list of fake threats. It will then alert the host that the only way to remove the threats is by paying to register the product. Along with fake scan alerts, the host will be bombarded with constant popups and fake alerts that will decrease computer performance. The malware will install itself onto your computer without your knowledge and place itself into your start up so it will load whenever you restart your computer. Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool

needs to be removed immediately.


Computer Hijacking: This malware will change your computer settings such as alter your homepage on your web browser and move your computer icons. Also, the malware may block you from using certain programs such as virus scanners.

Decreased Computer Performance: Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool will slow your computer significantly due to constant popups and alerts. It will become very difficult to perform simple tasks and make using your computer with the virus unbearable.

Vulnerability: Having this on your computer makes your computer an open target for other programs such as this one along with giving the virus free rein to spread to other computers.

How to Remove:


We recommend doing a free virus scan download to locate the virus in your system. Once the virus is located, you can remove the virus using PC Tools Spyware Doctor with Antivirus which is a very powerful software that can detect this type of malware.


Before proceeding with manual removal, you must be cautious in altering certain system components. If you are not comfortable with doing these alterations, then use the automatic method.

Step 1)

Open Task Manger and end the process for Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool

Step 2)

Open MyComputer and access the program files where Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool

is located. Delete the following files:

Security Center.exe

Step 3)

Access your registry editor and delete HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun “MalwareRemoval”

Step 4)

Change back all settings that were changed, such as your home page settings on your web browser.  

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