Remove Win 32 Heur Virus – How to Get Rid of Win32 Heur

Trojan Win32/Heur is a particularly dangerous, constantly-changing Trojan virus. It infects the unfortunate victim without their knowledge and is spreading through the internet at an alarming pace. Did you know Trojans like this one can result in fraud and identity theft?

This particular virus most likely installed itself on your computer through a filesharing application, an infected photo or music file, or other e-mail attachment. It also could have happened if you recently downloaded a shareware program or visited a website with questionable content. Once infected, the Win32 Heur virus can take control of your browser, record your keystrokes, and at worst steal your identity.

Win 32 Heur Symptoms:

  • Slow internet, slow operating system, browser crashes
  • Strange pop-ups when surfing the internet and when offline
  • New icons, desktop backgrounds, and bookmarks
  • Fake alerts

How To Remove Win 32 Heur Virus:

Manual Removal: This is NOT recommended unless you are an IT professional, or generally very savvy with PCs. To remove this virus manually you will have to inspect the LOCAL_HKEY_USER folder and delete all DLL and registry files associated with the virus. The problem is that this virus in particular will regenerate itself and hide unsuspectingly in other common system files. Unless you know exactly what you are doing, you can delete the wrong file and have a system more damaged than before.

Automatic Removal, the easy option: Not only is automatic removal easier, but it will also protect you against future viruses and spyware like this one. To perform an automatic win32 heur removal in the next 5 minutes, just download an antivirus/antispyware program, let it scan and detect this trojan and delete it. Your computer will be running like new again. It’s a great feeling, isn’t it?

Don’t pull your hair out over viruses and spyware infections. You just need a removal tool that will protect you when you use the internet, now and in the future. Is it worth worrying about every site you browse? Of course not.

Get one of the spyware removal tools and remove Win32 Heur virus before it does any further damage.

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