Remove Virus Remover Professional Never Fight It Again

The latest scam brought to you by the makers of P Antivirus 09 is Virus Remover Professional. Those familiar with rogue applications can spot Virus Remover Professional and quickly identify it as dangerous. Unfortunately, people that have not previously encountered a rogue application might think it is real and fall right into the scam.

For those that do not know how rogue applications work, the deceptive tactics are quite simple. The first thing that happens is that an associated Trojan will get past the computer’s standard virus protection software. At this point the Trojan will block the virus protection from working and begin to install malware. Once Virus Remover Professional is installed it will begin to display a series of popup windows intended to scare the user.

One of the popup windows will show the user a bogus scan that lists dozens of threats that the program claims are on the computer. None of the listed threats are really on the computer and is some cases the threats are really vital system files, that if deleted could ruin the computer.

On the popups there is usually a tab that the user is supposed to click if they believe that the rogue program can fix their bogus threats. This tab will send the user to a website that is design the take the user’s money with the promise to fix all the threats. Needless to say if anyone is duped into paying for Virus Remover Professional they are out their hard earned money and they still have to figure out how to clean up their computer.

Removing any type of rogue application is difficult, to say the least. There are even some professionals that are recommending that all users install a trusted and reliable malware protection tool along with their standard virus protection software. This is because most rogue applications can block standard virus protection software, but it is harder for these parasitic programs to get past two layers of protection. On top of that most of the trusted malware protection tools also have great removal features that quickly repair damage done by rogue applications.

There are definitely a few things to look for in a malware protection tool. The first is whether or not the tool can be installed after infection and still remove the rogue. The second thing to look for is some kind of guarantee. Do not settle for any malware protection and removal tool that is not 100{7bd3c7ad8bdfca6261de5ca927cd789e17dbb7ab504f10fcfc6fb045f62ae8d5} guaranteed. By following these tips you should never have to fight another rogue application again.

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