Remove Trojan Virus – an Easy Guide to Remove a Trojan Virus With One Step

Your computer is infected with the dreaded trojan virus. Don’t feel bad for yourself. Studies have shown the trojan to be the most common type of virus infection. Millions of others around the world are having the same problem. Once you realize you are infected, learning how to remove trojan virus infections is of vital importance.

The reason the trojan virus is so effective in infecting computers is it’s design. It is aptly named after the Ancient Greek story of the Trojan Horse, a secret attack disguised as a desirable offering. This is how the trojan virus works. It disguises itself as something you want to use. This could be a movie, song, email attachment, or some other seemingly benevolent file. Sometimes just visting a malicious website can spring a trojan on your computer if you have no protection.

The trojan virus is an executable program. Typically the file will have extensions like EXE, BAT, VBS, and COM. Use extreme caution with any of these files from email attachments, peer to peer file sharing networks, and malicious websites (especially free download, adult, and gambling web pages). I recommend for everyone to use some type of firewall protection. Windows Vista users have a firewall automatically installed. Windows XP users have to enable their firewall protection. Anyone with less than XP should get McAfee or Norton to prevent trojan virus attacks in the future.

I mentioned prevention first because it is just as important as learning how to remove trojan virus infections. The problem with the trojan horse attacks is it unleashes a web of dangerous files and activities on your computer. These can ruin your computer hard drive and put all sensitive information at risk. This includes passwords, credit card, and social security numbers.

Because the trojan will spread throughout your computer it can be very hard to track down all the dangerous files. That is why I recommend using a trojan virus remover. But you will need one that can also detect and remove not only Trojans but spyware, worms, dialers, adware, and other malware. Luckily I have found a program that can remove them all. The best part is it also provides real-time protection against future threats. Do not get left in the cold. Remove trojan virus infections today!

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