Remove spyware without hiring tech geeks

Is your computer not working as fast as it was initially? Useless pop-ups are disturbing your work? Or, you are facing other strange issues? If yes, your computer may be affected by spyware, virus or malware. So how to start with virus spyware removal? Is it necessary to call the technicians or you can do it on your own? Well, you can make your PC virus free by implementing some easy ways. Check out these convenient ways below:

1. Enter safe mode

Don’t connect the PC with internet, as it is not required until you start cleaning the system. Doing so will help in preventing the malware from leaking your personal data or spreading it. Boot the computer into safe mode because this mode allows required programs to load.

To boot-up, shut down your PC first and locate the F8 key on the keyboard and switch on the PC. The moment you see anything on the screen, press the F8 key repeatedly. This will lead to ‘advanced boot options’ menu. Now select safe mode with networking and press enter. You will see your PC running faster than earlier. This must be a sign that yes, your system has virus or you have many legitimate programs that start when you start Windows.

2.  Delete temporary files

This is important to speed up the virus scanning, getting rid of some malware and cleaning the disk space.

3. Download malware scanners

Now, it’s time for malware scanning. Fortunately, running best spyware removal is enough to eliminate the infections. On the other hand, if you already have an antivirus installed, you need to use a different scanner.

A good approach is using an on-demand scanner followed by a full scan by your real-time antivirus program.

 4. Run a scan with malwarebytes

Download malwarebytes on-demand scanner. Reconnect to the internet for downloading, installing and updating it, if you disconnected from the internet for safety reasons when you suspected possibility of virus. Disconnect again before starting the actual scanning. In case it is impossible to download it on the infected PC, download it on other system, save it in a USB and connect it on the infected system.

Download and install the program. It will check updates followed by launch of app. When the program opens, perform quick scan. If the malwarebytes disappears and won’t reopen, there’s probably a rootkit or other intense virus. If quick scan doesn’t helps, go for full scan.

A number of top spyware removal programs are available online. You can try them as well to make your PC bug free. Make sure to download the tool from certified and trusted services only. 

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