Remove Security Shield Fake Antivirus

Security Shield is a new fake antivirus that infects your computer and pretends to be a legitimate antivirus program. Security Shield tries to scare you into thinking your computer is infected then directs you to buy the full version of this fake tool. Here you can find easy to follow Security Shield removal instructions.

Security Shield does not come with an un-installer and it blocks you from running your programs in order to force you into buying it. Therefore, Security Shield requires you to work around this blocking ability as follows:

  1. In Windows, click on Start and select Run. In the field that opens, type ‘shell:local_appdata’ without the quotes. This will open up your Local Application Data folder.
  2. In the folder that opens, locate any executable file with a random name, example nkempgxl.exe. Right-click this file and choose ‘delete. Make sure to not open any subfolders of Local Application Data, stay in the main folder. The file will be located in the main folder only. Don’t worry if you do not see the ‘.exe’ extension (example nkempgxl instead of nkempgxl.exe), just make sure that it is a file you are deleting, not a folder.
  3. Once you have successfully deleted the above file, restart your computer. Make sure to bookmark this article before you do that so that you can refer back to it.
  4. Deleting the above file will again allow you to run your programs. You now need to update your existing anti-virus program and run a full system scan to remove Security Shield.

By taking the above steps you should be able to successfully remove Security Shield. If in case you have any trouble with the above steps, or if your anti-virus is unable to pick up this infection, you can visit this website which has created a tool that can work around Security Shield’ blocking abilities and remove it.

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