Remove Registry Clear from Your Computer

If you haven’t taken measures to protect your computer, then getting security applications should be one of your first priorities. Viruses and spyware aren’t just a threat to your computer; they are also a threat to your personal information. Once you have secured your computer, you should take care of it with a registry cleaner. But be careful which cleaner you choose because there are phonies like Registry Clear out there.

Registry Clear is a rogue registry cleaner. There are many websites that promote this product, but they use deceptive advertising in order to trick people into buying it. The ads are convincing and describe exactly what a legitimate registry cleaner should do. However, once you look deeper into the information about the product, you will discover its true nature.

The Registry Clear website is very plain and it has a lot of misleading information. It has icons from other websites and falsely claims to have received high ratings from them. One of the most blatant lies is the one regarding Tucows. Tucows is a reliable source when it comes to rating software. Registry Clear’s website claims that it received top ratings from Tucows, but when you view the product on the Tucows website, you will see that it hasn’t received any ratings at all.

This product costs around $30, offers no free trial, and is a complete waste of money. There is no useful information about the company that makes it and more than likely, the payment process is insecure. Their website has been known to sell rogue software and infect computers with malware. Their software should be avoided at all costs and if it has already been installed on your computer, it should be removed immediately.

While Registry Clear has a uninstall function, removing it that way will not guarantee that it has removed all of its files. The best way to remove it and all other malware that may be infecting your computer is to use a legitimate antispyware program. The better the antispyware, the better your computer will be repaired and protected.

When looking for an antispyware program, make sure that it is legitimate by researching the product and the company that makes it. If there is no information on the company, then you should avoid them. You should also look for an antispyware that is guaranteed to remove 100{7bd3c7ad8bdfca6261de5ca927cd789e17dbb7ab504f10fcfc6fb045f62ae8d5} of spyware and if you can, take advantage of their trial offer. Complete protection and malware removal is very important for your computer’s safety and your own, so choose wisely.

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