Remove Pav – How To Conduct A Pav Virus Removal

Think you may be a victim of Pav aka Personal Antivirus?  Recently this has been a very common issue.  This is a rogue virus that has been taking the internet by storm, attacking millions of computers across the world.  If you are in fact infected, you should remove the virus right away.

The last thing you want to do is allow this virus to remain on your system.  The malware infects the registry and starts creating false pop up alerts.  It will alter your browser or system desktop settings.  Pav will also use spyware to steal sensitive data like usernames, passwords, and credit card numbers.

This particular malware gets onto OS via a variety of means.  These include:

  1. Installing some kind of shareware or freeware software.  There is a reason why many of these programs are free.  The developers are paid instead to bundle the software with malware.
  2. Compromising your system through Adobe software.  Adobe is a frequent victim of virus attacks.  This is why it is important to have antivirus software with active protection.
  3. Visiting a malevolent website that high jacked your web browser and installed the virus into your computer.  This can happen pretty often without real time antivirus protection.

Pav Removal

If you want to remove the Pav virus you need to consider:

  • Eliminating all associated process files like Pav.exe
  • DLL and LNK files that are quietly operating in the background
  • Registry entries that have been compromised.

Unfortunately it can be very challenging to perform an Pav removal on your own.  Not only can there be various Personal Antivirus files throughout your system, if you miss a single strain of the virus it will completely restore itself when you restart your computer.

A manual removal of Pav can also damage your computer unless you are an expert in managing registry keys and searching for hidden files.

A much easier method to remove Pav is to download a removal tool.  By conducting a full system scan you can remove the virus right away.  Also take advantage of the real time protection to repel future attacks.

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