Remove Antivirus Vista 2010 Virus – Delete Vista Antivirus 2010 And Keep Your Info Safe!

There is a nasty breed of viruses going around, all with slightly altered names, which all have one goal in mind: infest your computer with spyware and steal your credit card information. The names that you may come across include Antivirus Vista 2010, Win 7 Antispyware 2010, XP Internet Security 2010, among others, Including Vista Guardian or Antivirus Pro. The virus mutates depending on the operating system you are using. Let’s discuss how to delete Antivirus Vista 2010 from your PC, we don’t want our identity tampered with or our credit card information stolen!

These rogue antispyware programs are extremely aggressive and highly dangerous. These bugs will hit you from all angles by blocking your applications, blocking your access to your taskbar, slowing your system down, and overloading you with popups. They will appear as automatic system updates, so it’s simple to be tricked by these hackers. They will use fake firewall warnings and use fake scans to urge you to buy ‘full software’ that doesn’t truly exist. Don’t believe the hype!

If you’re wondering how you were infected, it was most likely by a video codec or flash video install. If you don’t have an active scanner when you download attachments or visit websites, then that could be the case as well. Whatever the case, the number one objective now is to rid your system of this nuisance and get your computer finally fast once again.

So how do we remove Antivirus Vista 2010?

No matter what you’re infected with, the process remains the same. You will have to dig into your system’s registry, and remove entries in your HKEY_CURRENT_USER folder that have entries such as “AntiVirusOverride” and “FirewallOverride”. Please use great caution when dealing with your registry, as a mistake can result in an unusable dud for a computer. That’s why I prefer automatic removal every time. Manual removal is too risky, takes too long, and can result in system failure.

Automatic removal is the way to go. It gets your computer clean and fast again, but more importantly, it protects your PC in the future against the next tidal wave of virus infections.

Don’t let the hackers win! Take advantage of a free PC scanand remove Antivirus Vista 2010 (and the many variants) right away before you risk your safety and security any further!

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