Removal Tool for Virus Infections- Does it Exist?

A removal tool for virus infections, does it really exist?  The truth is there is no one magic removal tool for removing virus infections.  You can use a combination of tools and techniques to remove a virus but, the easiest solution is to prevent yourself from getting a virus in the first place.

Virus removal can be one of the hardest computer tasks there is.  If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can cause serious problems worse than a virus.  I will show you one method of removing a virus below with free tools found easily on the Internet.

When removing a virus you will need a plethora of tools including spyware removal software, anti-virus software and adware removal software.  However, these items alone are not going to work if not used properly.  Below I will provide you with some free software but, there is no excuse for purchasing a quality anti-virus program or internet security package to prevent infections in the future. 

In order to start removing viruses you will need to boot your computer normally and turn off the system restore function so we can remove any viruses hiding there.  You will then need to restart your computer and boot up using safe mode with networking.  After booting this way you will need to download a few free removal tools for virus infections.  These programs include Spybot, Ad-Aware, AVG Anti-Virus, HiJack this and CCleaner.

You can find all of these programs easily on Yahoo, MSN or Google searching by name and they are all free of charge.  Next you will want to install these programs and update them.  After the updates are finished you will want to run CCleaner to remove all temp files and cookies.  Next you should run Spybot.  When Spybot is finished, run Ad-Aware.  When both of these are finished you will need to reboot your computer normally and log in.  Now you will run an AVG full scan.  Finally you will need to run HiJack This and carefully remove any bad entries it returns.  If you are not sure an entry is bad, don’t delete it as this may cause other programs to not work. 

If you are unsure of these instructions or don’t feel comfortable following them you should try a professional Anti-Virus program or Internet Security package. There is not substitute for a professional removal tool for virus infections.  These programs often cost less than $100 dollars and will provide you with a lifetime of protection and peace of mind.

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