Reliance Super Golden Years Basic Plan

Reliance Super Golden Years Basic Plan is a retirement solution from Reliance Life Insurance. This is a flexible unit linked pension product different from all traditional life insurance product. It provides you the opportunity to invest systematically to secure your golden years in old age.

This plan works in two parts- the Accumulation Period and the Distribution Period. In the accumulation period, you build up your funds through premium payments. This period ends on your choosing vesting date and here distribution period begins. Here you can choose the annuity option. The plan offers three different annuity option to choose from- Life Annuity, Life Annuity with return of purchase price on death and Life Annuity guaranteed for 5, 10 or 15 years and payable for life thereafter.

In the unfortunate event of your death during the term of the policy, your beneficiary will receive the fund value. The beneficiary will have the option to purchase an annuity either from Reliance Life Insurance Company or any other Life Insurance Company.

The plan offers you eight different investment funds to choose for invest as per your risk appetite. The funds are- New Money Market Fund, New Balanced Fund, New Growth Fund, New Equity Fund, New Infrastructure Fund, New Energy Fund, New Mid-cap Fund and New Pure Equity Fund.

Flexibilities to pay top-ups- You can increase your investments at any time in the policy term by paying top-ups. The minimum amount of top-up is Rs.2,500/- and there is no upper limit for top-ups.
Flexibility to pay premiums- The plan offers two premium payment option to choose from single pay and regular pay.
Flexibility to switch between funds-Depending upon the performance of your funds, you can switch between the funds at any time during the policy term.

1.Tax free commutation up to one third of fund value at vesting age.
2.Policy can be surrender after three continuous policy years.
3.Tax benefit on premium amount under the Income Tax Act,1961.

1.Minimum age is 18 years and maximum is 59 years
2.Vesting age is maximum 75 years
3.Minimum policy term is 16 years

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