Recommended Anti Aging Spices – Highly recommended anti aging spices to be added to your food

Besides prevent wrinkles, anti aging spices also helps in preventing several age related diseases for instance cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc.. Yes, with these powerful antioxidants containing humble food enhancers!

The top 5 anti aging spices:

1. Ginger. Researchers from University of Minnesota’s Hormel Institute have discovered that an active compound in ginger, the gingerol, can prevent the growing of human colorectal cancer cells.

2. Turmeric.
Other anti aging spice form ginger family.Curcumin, the active compound found in turmeric possesses anti cancer characteristic just as other anti oxidation giants: Pomegranates, tea and berries. Besides, turmeric can effectively prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

3. Lemon Grass. This anti aging spice is frequently found in Thai food. It possesses the highest level of citral (a substance found in lemon peels), which relieve headaches, cramps, rheumatism and spasms, as well as the colon cancer fighter.

4. Cinnamon.
Cinnanom rolls will not exist without this anti aging spice. As shown by recent studies, by increasing insulin’s sensitivity, cinnamon can regulate blood sugar level effectively.LDL cholesterol level cen be lowered down by consuming half a teaspoon of cinnamon daily. Cinnamon even inhibiting leukemia and lymphoma cancer cells proliferation!

5. Oregano.
A distinctive flavor in Italian and Mediterranean cooking. Oregano possesses the highest level of antioxidant among all herbs: One teaspoon of oregano has as much antioxidant as 3 cups of broccoli (good news for broccoli haters)! Oregano is a highly versatile anti aging spice and can be used in salads, sauces or as seasonings on all kinds of meat and fish or pasta.

The top 5 powerful anti aging spices: Ginger, turmeric, lemon grass, cinnamon and oregano. Since now you already know what they are, so, please remember to incorporate them into your daily diet to rip off their maximum anti aging properties!

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