Quick Weight Loss – 10 Tips For Rapid Weight Loss

First, we need to face the facts; your lifestyle habits are the cause of unwanted weight gain in the first place. You will need to make some changes in order to lose the weight!

With all the complex diets and plethora of nutrition info it can be a huge headache to find what works. I’ve compiled 10 simple steps┬áthat fitness and nutrition experts recommend to lose body fat fast! We have many more Weight Loss help Articles Now Available.

Quick Weight Loss Tip #1 – Drink More Water

Our body is made mostly of water. It carries nutrients and removes waste. But if that wasn’t enough reason to drink plenty of water… Many people mistakenly feel hungry when their bodies are dehydrated!

Always keep a water bottle handy – pure water is 0 calories and will help stave off hunger cravings.

Quick Weight Loss Tip #2 – Reduce Fat Consumption

Fat is essential for fueling your brain, but too much fat (especially saturated fats) directly leads to weight gain. Stick to healthy fats such as the kind found in fish and nut butters.

Quick Weight Loss Tip #3 – Surround Yourself With Quick Healthy Foods

If you find yourself giving in to craving and junk food binges there is a foolproof solution… Don’t have them around!

Eliminate the temptation to devour an entire bag of potato chips by simply not purchasing them when buying groceries. Quick healthy snack alternatives include:

  • Frozen Veggies
  • Berries
  • Mixed Nuts
  • Fruits
  • Celery and Carrot Sticks

Quick Weight Loss Tip #4 – “Carb Up” With High Fiber In The Morning

Eating healthy complex carbs in the morning fuels your body for the upcoming day. You will avoid “crashing” in the afternoon and your metabolism will keep cranking throughout the day.

Fiber is very filling and helps flush waste from your system. Choose foods that contain carbohydrates and fiber. Good examples are:

  • Oatmeal
  • Fruit
  • Veggies

Quick Weight Loss Tip #5 – Get Tested For Food Allergies

Many people have a slight allergy to common food products such as dairy, soy, nuts, and chocolate.

Recent studies have shown a link between food cravings, allergies, and difficulty losing body fat.

Quick Weight Loss Tip #6 – Eat Before You’re “Starving”

Waiting to eat for long periods of time leads to the evening binges that so many of us struggle with. Be sure to keep healthy snacks handy (like an apple) to have between breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

You will avoid overwhelming cravings and keep your insulin levels stable throughout the day -the key to avoiding “crashing” and keeping metabolism high.

Quick Weight Loss Tip #7 – Get Plenty Of Sleep

When you’re exhausted it’s much easier to skip the gym and surrender to a quick junk food fix rather than preparing a healthy meal. Around 8 hours of sleep is ideal to keep your energy levels high, immune system active, and metabolism cranking.

Quick Weight Loss Tip #8 – It’s The Little Things That Count

Making small changes in daily routines to burn more calories add up quickly and take very little effort to do.

  • Skip the elevator and take the stairs
  • Park a bit farther than usual and walk instead of circling the parking lot for a “great spot”
  • Turn off the tv and go for a 30min jog

Quick Weight Loss Tip #9 – Keep Your Goal In Mind

Remind yourself often that you have a goal you are working to reach. Pull out your “skinny jeans” or a bathing suit to visualize your dream.

Write a note on the fridge to help you think twice before having that late night ice cream binge.

Quick Weight Loss Tip #10 – Exercise At Least 3x Per Week

Exercise burns calories and boosts your metabolism. Additionally, most fitness programs build and tone muscle giving your body a shapely appearance.

Running, circuit training, and fitness classes such as spinning and bootcamp are great ways to shed pounds quickly. We have many more Weight Loss help Articles Now Available.