Quick and Easy Steps to Removing Trojans from Your Computer

Unfortunately, removing Trojans from your PC is a fact of life if you have internet access attached to your computer. You may notice that you are getting pop up ads, or that your computer is operating slower than previously. It could be that your computer is crashing, freezing, or has delayed operational responsiveness. These are all symptoms of having Trojan Horse viruses on your computer. Some additional signs that show the need to remove Trojans from your PC include: 

  1. Error pop-ups show up often
  2. Internet Explorer (or browser of choice) is extremely slow
  3. Your Windows operating system is slow to load
  4. The modem light is blinking out of control, even when you are not on the web.
  5. Unknown software applications appear when you start your computer
  6. A trail is left on your monitor by your mouse
  7. Unrequested websites show up on your favorite list that were not added
  8. New toolbars show up in your browser on the web
  9. Unrequested websites appear and you can’t control it
  10. The function buttons are reversed on your mouse

Finding and removing Trojans can be extremely difficult because they like to hide in spyware and adware to the extent that they can be detected. Once your system is infected Trojan viruses can make life trying for you. If lessened computer performance isn’t enough, identity theft can become a huge concern, which can takes years to fix and can become a monumental expense for you.

The steps to follow will show you not the process of removing Trojans, but will simultaneously find and eliminate other types of spyware, adware, malware, trackware, keyloggers, spybot worms, and browser hijackers.  

Action One: Log a List of Problems and Erros that You Have Noticed on Your Computer

Though this can seem overly simplified, this step can give you a pre and post benchmark of what problems were found versus removed on your computer in the end. The actions to follow will help with the actual process. Any issues that remain will be addressed before the end of this article.

When logging issues, think in terms of when your computer incurs the symptom you have logged. What were you doing at that time? Does it only act up in certain scenarios? Log everything you can think of. You can add items to your list later if you think of them. It is now time to head to Action Two.

Action Two: Find a Reliable Spyware Application Containing a Free Scan Device

Since most people have no idea of which software to using for removing Trojans, there is the added stress of overwhelm placed on the process.

Do not worry. There are a relatively small number of features you must look for in a quality software program. Of the features, the most vital is called a Definitions Database. This is the number of items the software can recognize (thus remove) if needed. You can think of it as a database that has solutions to various threat types. It is extremely important to find software containing at least 250,000 items or more in definitions.

The second must have feature is to find software that is designed for not just removing Trojans but one that can remove spyware, keyloggers, adware, and malware (and as many other threats as possible).

It is good to find a product that is simple to load and utilize on your computer. It should be easy to navigate the software and should contain descriptions of what each function’s role is in fixing your PC.   

You will notice that some software applications offer real time protection as a selling point that offers ongoing protection instead of a scan on your command. The pluses for having real time protection are the constant awareness of newly formed threats on your PC. The advantage of on-demand scanning is that you can choose when to scan and it does not take up as much space on your computer, which can add to slower performance.

After you decide on a software application to use for removing Trojans, download the software and immediately scan your system with the free scanning tool. If threats are detected you can go forward to the next action step. If the software finds few threats, you will have the opportunity to choose whether or not to purchase the repair portion of the software. Most people buy the full version of the software since cyber hackers are constantly looking for ways to cheat others.    

Action Three: Remove the Threats

The final action is also the most simplistic step of the process. Since you detected problems of your computer, the full version of the software can be purchased to eliminate the problems found. Only purchase software that gives you unlimited use for the year. Also, when you arrive at the purchase screen you should be given an option of purchasing licenses for additional computers, which is usually less expensive than downloading software and paying individually for each computer.

Once you complete the scan and removal of threats, a results screen will populate. Be sure to restart your computer to determine your results.

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