Protect Your Muscles During Exercise With Malvidin

Malvidin is a powerful anthocyanin and phytonutrient (a group of plant based nutrients that are not required by humans but have a number of health benefits). Early research suggests that it may protect your muscles during exercise and more. In this article I will be providing a full breakdown of this anthocyanin.


Albert Szent-Gyorgyi discovered malvidin in 1938 along with the other flavonoids (a group of phytonutrients that include anthocyanins). At first he believed the flavonoids were new vitamins so named them vitamin P but it was later discovered that they are not essential to human health so not technically vitamins.


Malvidin is a potent antioxidant which can protect your body’s cells from dangerous free radicals (harmful by-products that are released during oxygen related reactions and can increase your risk of contracting cancer, increase your risk of contracting diabetes and increase the aging process).

Provisional evidence suggests that malvidin may also protect the muscles from damage during exercise which means it could have future potential as a sports supplement. Additionally, it may have benefits when it comes to treating cancer (a health condition where the cells in certain areas of your body start to grow in a rapid, uncontrollable way and destroy the cells around them). However, more research is required before these 2 benefits can be confirmed.


Like many anthocyanins, berries are the richest source of malvidin with bilberries containing 54.37 milligrams (mg) per 100 grams (g) and blueberries containing (61.35mg per 100g). Cowpeas (34.28mg per 100g) and red grapes (34.71mg per 100g) are also excellent sources of this anthocyanin.


Whilst there is only very limited research available on malvidin, it is still a valuable addition to your diet. Not only will it protect you from damaging free radicals but it may also protect you during exercise and help keep you cancer free.

Plus, if you get your fill of this anthocyanin from berries there are even more benefits to be had. Berries are rich in a wide range of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients which boost your health in multiple ways. These health benefits include keeping your blood healthy, keeping your bones healthy, maximising your metabolism, promoting proper digestion, preventing diabetes (a disease where your blood glucose levels become extremely high) reducing inflammation, supporting healthy growth and supporting healthy vision.

So next time you are out shopping make sure you add berries to your basket, fill up on malvidin and take advantage of all the other benefits this super food has to offer.

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