Protaras Cyprus the Fun Family Resort

Once people have visited the beautiful Mediterrannean paradise Island of Cyprus she tends to draw them back year after year. Resorts on the Island are great for family holidays and the resort of Protaras on the East coast is arguably one of the best. If you are looking for sun, sea and great family nights out you could be in just the right place. There is plenty to keep all the family entertained in Protaras including one of the best beaches in Cyprus known as fig tree bay. Here you will find a great selection of water sports including paracending, water skiing and plenty for the kids too enjoy too. If you like the sea you will love Protaras resort with its miles of safe sandy beaches, restaurants and so much more. You can even hire a self drive power boat by the hour, anchor up and do some snorkeling in the warm crystal clear Mediterranean Waters. A great trick that works real well is to take a bag of bread crumbs and release them into the sea then watch the thousands of beautiful fish feeding on them.

Protaras has just about every kind of restaurant you could ever wish for with a great selection of reasonably priced dishes on offer. Chinese, Mexican and Italian being some of the firm favorites with Cyprus holiday makers who just keep on coming back for more. The exclusive Eden Square area is also well worth a visit with its Japanese restaurant that cooks the food right at your table. There’s also a beautiful Italian and a Mexican called El Chico if you want to try something a little more colorful. The cafe bar at the front of the courtyard is a great place to watch the free cabareted and there’s a great traditional Greek tavern in the square too. The little one’s haven’t been forgotten either because Protaras has a Macdonalds, a Pizza Hut and a southern fried chicken outlet too. There are also some fabulous flambe restaurants dotted around the resort where the meat eaters get to watch their steaks being cooked at the table too.

Family entertainment is well catered for in Protaras and visitors are treated to several “famous” artiste. Well, actually they are mostly brilliant impersonators taking off some famous performers on a nightly basis. Don’t be surprised to discover that Elvis is playing several venues at the same time or to be treated to performances by the likes of Robbie Williams and Kyle Minogoue. Everything from stage hypnosis to hilarious comedy drag acts provide great family fun well into the night. There are even a few night clubs in Protaras if you want to party on until dawn without needing to visit Agia Napa just up the road. On the other hand if you just want to relax with a nice cool drink there are dozens of great bars to choose from. Many of these places are theme bars such as Cheers or only fools and horses where those obsessed with their favorite TV shows can sit and watch the re runs all night. Fancy a taste of Egypt? You could visit the Sfinx bar at the top of the main street. It’s all decked out like an ancient Egyptian temple with mock statues and plaster pillars which are a stark contrast with the wide sports screens.

If you get bored with eating drinking and relaxing there are plenty of places to visit. The church of profitis Elias is set high above Protaras on a hill and you can’t miss it because it’s bathed in lights at night. A brisk walk up the hundred or so steps should soon burn off a few of those excess pounds acquired over dinner. The view from the top is in short spectacular and well worth the effort of the climb. The picturesque Cape Grecko or Cavo Greco as it is also known makes a great trip off resort and is only a few kilometers outside of Protaras on the road to Agia Napa. This area is a protected national park and an area of outstanding natural beauty with plenty of footpaths and picnic areas too. Down against the coast is a tiny church built above the Cavo Greco sea caves where the early Christians used to meet in secret to avoid persecution. Cyprus is steeped in a rich cultural history dating back thousands of years so you may want to book on one of the many sightseeing tours as well. The chances are that once you have visited Cyprus you will return and a great place to start your holiday is Protaras.

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