Prostate Massage: How To Do Prostate Massage On My Own

I will be discussing one of the most popular questions I usually get about prostate, it is “how to do the prostate massage on my own?” A lot of times, this massage are suggested to elevate the bedroom pursuit of couples. It is not exclusive for men with partners. This could also be done in alone. If you do it properly and you have a lot practice, you will enjoy the same massage on your own.

You have certain things to consider when you want to do prostate massage. First, would be your willingness to do this activity. For some, the idea of touching your own anus and exploring it is unimaginable. In this regimen, you have to overcome that concern. This is the only way for you to massage your prostate.

Do not be too worried about the thought of inserting your finger in your rectum. You may opt to use a prostate massager. This is a tool that will ease the task of prostate massage. It is engineered to do the perfect prostate massage, even you are just doing it alone. It has some special features that would even give you double pleasure. There is a part that focuses on pleasing your perineum while the other end gets to massage your prostate.

There are three things you have to take note of before you do prostate massage. These are cleanliness, lubrication, and relaxation. These are the keys for a safe and enjoyable release. You have to be careful when doing this routine as you are dealing with internal parts of the body, and they are quite delicate.

On cleanliness, you have to make sure that you take a good bathe before you do this. Be particularly clean on your bottom part. You don’t want bacteria to enter your rectum just because you failed to clean your anus thoroughly. You may also have a rubbing alcohol beside you when you are about to do the massage. This will allow you to disinfect your hands properly.

Lubricant is your best friend in this routine. There are different kinds of lubricants in the market. There are oil-based, water-based, and silicon-based. I tend to use water-based products most of the time. For me, it has the right amount of lubrication. However, I also purchased oil and silicon-based lubricants for me to get a feel on how they are.

If you are tensed, your muscle tends to be tensed as well. Hence, you have to condition your mind in order to condition your body. While you are taking a bath, you may use soap with a lavender scent. The smell of lavender tends to relax the body. You may also do a quick breathing exercise. Close your eyes, sit-up straight, and close your eyes. Inhale for four counts, hold your breath for 7 counts, and exhale for 8 counts.

Once you are ready, you may start out with simply touching your bottom. Allow your body to be familiar with the sensations brought by massaging your anus. Touch the opening of your anus gently. You may simply tap it until it is used to the feeling. Eventually, you will feel that you are ready to insert your finger inside. So, have your lubricant always at your side.
You may want to use a prostate massager or do the massage without a tool. Either way, you should observe the three important factors for a good prostate massage: Cleanliness, Lubrication, and Relaxation. To do prostate massage on your own is possible as long as you follow the proper guidelines.

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