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prostate drainage – DIY

The Prostate is a reproductive glandular organ situated deep inside the rectum at the neck of the bladder.  Its function is to provide seminal fluid to propel sperm forward.  When enlarged or inflamed it can press against the uretha and kind of obstruct urination.  When enlarged most men experience this as a more frequent need to urinate and if sever may also experience urine leakage and if continued to be ignored impotence may result.

 Prostate problems are more frequent in men:-

 – who do not have regular sex

–  who have high cholesterol

– over 55

– who are on testesterone hormone replacement therapy

– who have too much sex

 If you have prostate problem you may like to do your own prostate drainage to move out toxins get fresh blood moving to rejuvenate prostate nerves.  At first it may feel awkward as you may have to contort your wrist into unnatural position but if you bear with it it will pay dividends in terms of future bladder and sexual health.

How to do it:-

 Preferably done after a shower.  Items required: one latex glove, and KY jelly.

 If you are right handed you can lie on your left side.  Put your right hand between your legs or behind your back and using your index finger and palm facing the penis and work your digit into position.

 The prostate is about 2 – 3 inches inside the rectum.  With age and inflammation the prostate tends to drop.  The prostate feels like a small hard glandular mound  1.5 inches wide (depending on its health) that is flat on top.  In a normal prostate, in the middle there is a small indent. If the prostate is inflamed or swollen you may not feel the indent.  When you touch the prostate, certain parts may be hard or soggier under no circumstance should you feel pain.  You may feel extreme sensitivity.  If you feel pain please see you doctor asap.

 In prostate drainage there are three parts – left, right and middle.  If you have not had sex for a while your initial reaction may be a strong erection.  This is in response to the prostate nerves being stimulated just ignore the reaction and proceed with the drainage.  Your finger presses on the right side slide it up and down a couple of times, go the centre, gently press it, then to the left side doing the same and back to the centre. While you are doing this take note of any particular spot that is harder or spongier or more sensitve.  If your prostate is swollen you may even have drops of fluid coming out of the penis.

  The whole procedure should take no more than one minute.  Do not be overzealous because the prostate is extremely delicate.  Your aim is to drain out sluggish “water”, toxins and bring fresh flow of blood to this region and not over stimulate it.  Any overworking you may damage it or tear the attached urethra.

 You can do this on a regular basis like 2 or 3 times a month.   Right after the drainage you should immediately urinate.  For newbies you may feel soreness around this region that should last no more than 2 days.  The prostate is getting a work out.  So there is no need to be alarm if you have been firm and gentle.

 Cutting down on high cholesterol foods will help your prostate.  Taking zinc supplements (50mg daily) will help it as well.

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