Prostate Cancer Prevention – 4 Tips on How to Act to Prevent Prostate Cancer

It is a sad fact that many men just do not like to think about let alone talk about their health. In turn they are less likely then to seek medical assistance. However Prostate Cancer has the reputation as the ‘silent killer’ and a little knowledge can be essential in maintaining good prostate health. Here are 4 key tips that will assist in maintaining excellent prostate health.

1) Knowledge is key

Arming yourself with good accurate knowledge is essential for good prostate health and avoiding prostate cancer. It is known that certain lifestyles and eating habits can exacerbate the risk. Conversely a good healthy diet accompanied by dietary supplements can assist in lowering levels of prostate cancer, as well as other cancers.

2) Diet is key

A healthy diet is always worth considering adopting. It is known that obesity coupled with high fat and lower fibre diets seem to contribute to an increased risk of cancer. One theory posited by researchers is that high levels of body fat can stimulate the production of male hormones- this in turn can encourage prostate cell production. By adopting a diet rich in a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables you can assist your body to adopt cancer fighting abilities as well as promoting good over all health.

3) Consider Prostate Health Supplements

By adopting good quality Prostate Health supplements that include Vitamin E and selenium you may assist in preventing or at least promoting a greatly decreased risk of prostate cancer. In studies both Selenium and Vitamin E seem to benefit patients who had a deficiency in either, as well as those who were ex smokers.

4) Consider a daily aspirin

Studies have indicated that adopting a daily regime of aspirin or ibuprofen may lead to lower risks of prostate cancer.

Remember though; always consult your doctor before embarking on any prolonged use of supplements or aspirin or ibuprofen. Work in partnership with your doctor to give you the very best opportunity to promote positive prostate health.

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