Pros and Cons of Artificial Sweeteners

Health conscious people are on the lookout for the latest products that make claims of being healthy for you and making you feel good.

Products such as Pepsi Max, Diet Sprite and Diet Coke are very popular these days as an alternative to regular sodas. These diet products have fewer calories and contain no sugar. You may wonder if they are really all that healthy compared to normal soft drinks.

Diet products contain artificial sweeteners and are not the real thing. As for real sugar based products, these are loaded with calories.

Not so well known is the fact that the Food and Drug Administrations findings in a 1974 report found that serious health risks may be connected to the use of artificial sweeteners and that they may not be as safe as once thought to be.

Aspartame, an artificial sweetener could possibly lead to such health problems and brain lesions, brain tumors, lymphoma and cancer. A 2007 report issued by the Food and Drug Administrations states that consuming high amounts of this sweetener may be linked to cancer.

One reason that may explain the illnesses associated with artificial sweeteners is how the body views them. They are fake sugars that have to be broken down and metabolized by the body.

When fake sugar is used, the body will begin the process of converting this to energy and is fooled because it cannot break it down into useable energy for the body.

This may explain the reason why some people who consume diet products are always tired and lack energy. They may also have mood swings and behavioral problems as well when they ingest these fake sugar products regularly.

To answer the question, are diet soft drinks healthier than regular soft drinks? No. Regular soft drinks may contain a lot of sugar but you will have fewer side effects from consuming them.

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