Prohormones and Explosive Muscle Growth Explained

A prohormone is a hormone precursor that is converted to the actual anabolic hormone by the body. The body does this through enzyme processes and the resulting hormone functions just as if you had taken a steroid. If you simply ingested the hormone itself this would be illegal since the end product is a steroid. The need to convert the prohormone is what differentiates them from steroids.

Prohormones came onto the bodybuilding scene around 1996 and were used extensively to enhance performance in the gym. In 1998 prohormones jumped into public consciousness and have been used since then across the country. Unfortunately in 2005 the FDA banned most prohormones due to their side effects and controversial nature. Claims were made that the prohormones being sold caused sexual changes in adults and stunted children’s growth. And while we may know the short term effects of these substances the long term effects are unknown.

While the negatives were highlighted in the ban on prohormones little mention was made of the positive effects which include increased strength and lean muscle mass, faster recovery time from workouts and an increase in endurance. The prohormones would promote the increase in muscle which also decreased the amount of bodyfat, since increased lean tissue also increases metabolism.

Prohormones work through increased anabolic hormones in the body stimulating the androgen receptors leading to increased strength and size. It also tells the body to decrease fat storage and to send nutrients to the muscles to build more.

On the downside, the ability of prohormones to effect these changes in the body are limited by the availability of enzymes to react in the body. Since there are a limited amount of enzymes to react with the prohormones there is a limited amount of conversion that can take place.

Prohormones also have side effects that are similar to those of anabolic steroids. These include hair loss, acne, swollen prostate, decreased sex drive and breast tissue enlargement known as gyno. If you decide to use these supplements take the time to educate yourself and take proper precautions against the side effects.
If you’re planning on using prohormones don’t waste it, make sure your diet is spot on and your training is in line as well. If you need some help with training or diet hire a trainer or nutritionist for a month to help you out. Don’t rely on the manufacturer hype regarding the product, do your own research.

Prohormones can be a useful addition to any serious athlete’s arsenal of performance enhancing methods. Do your research and stay safe and you can easily boost your strength and mass with legal prohormones.

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