Professional Women MMA Fitness And Fighting Is No Longer The Road Less Travelled

Mixed martial arts (MMA) to the uninitiated is largely viewed as a testosterone laden sport, and MMA fitness and training is considered by most to be strictly for the big boys.

MMA fitness and training, much less professional fighting for women, has had a slow start compared to the men.  Even in 2001 there was little interest in women fighters.  Who could imagine women doing Muay Thai, kickboxing, boxing, grappling and wrestling just like the boys?

Today, everybody can.  That is, everybody who is a lover of mixed martial arts, and we refer here to a truly devoted community.  Mixed martial arts is so popular that oftentimes it’s hard to get a ticket for the fights.  And women are in it to claim their fair share of the kitty.

Women are in the ring in Tokyo, Las Vegas, and everywhere else doing take downs, choke holds and ground and pounds like the best of them.  It looks like a barroom brawl, but these women, like the men have perfected the moves and train hard six days a week, often holding a day job all the while with dreams of making it to the UFC.

Initially, women fighters begin to compete in “smokers”.  These are hastily organized, informal full contact fights that stay off a fighter’s official record.  There is no amateur league for mixed martial arts, so either sparring or smokers would be the closest thing to it.

There can be as many as 30 fighters competing in a smoker, and these events can attract a full house.  So the experience from competing in smokers can be quite good and they may serve as an informal way to build a fighter’s reputation.

Women fighters are also at a disadvantage in the sense that MMA does not often land in the mainstream press.  For this reason having one’s own internet site to promote oneself is an important part of a woman MMA fighter’s career.  Because many fights are not televised, the web is very important.

Women appreciate the fact that MMA fitness and training call for a lot of skill, training and conditioning.  And the very serious ones start as early as high school to train for it.

Women also see beyond the actual fighting, strategies and techniques to understand that MMA fitness, training and competing is truly global and highly complex.  And for a devoted woman fighter, walking into a ring carries the thrill of a ballerina who walks onto the stage for her next performance.

Whether you do grapples or pas de deux, women need to be tough and many women are tougher than men.  For these women, nothing less than a highly competitive sport like mixed martial arts will do, and they put in the hours and discipline that goes with the MMA fitness and training regimen to get it done.

Another facet that women like about MMA fitness and training is that it is not one note, because so many disciplines are involved rather than just focusing on a single one.

Women who want to be a fighter rather than just keep fit are the ones who have discovered their passion for the sport.  They have fallen in love with what they do, and they are into MMA fitness and training for the long haul.

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