Professional Profile – Tips to Make Certain Your Profile is Professionally Polished and Perfect

Copyright (c) 2008 Anita Bruton

Your professional profile can make all the difference! It may be the very first connection you have with your potential client. As a business owner or company executive, you want that first connection to provide a great lasting impression. As a professional, you want to have a quality, professionally polished professional profile to present on your website as well as others.

Does your professional profile fit these criteria?

~ Does it tell your story in a way that effectively engages your audience?

~ Is it creative, well written and professionally polished?

~ Does it reflect how you came to be where you are today?

~ Is it telling the story of your personal vision and mission?

~ Does it offer the reader a sense of who you are?

~ Is it honest and attention grabbing?

~ Does it offer powerful descriptions about yourself, your personality, your strengths and capabilities?

Here is an example of how and why a personal profile is important:

A young attorney, recently graduated from law school applies for a position with a local law firm. What are the primary items the partners in the law firm consider when deliberating which applicants to interview? Of course, it is the resume and cover letters!

The same young attorney has spent five or six years working for the law firm. She now feels it is time to branch out and start her own law firm. She needs clients. What marketing item will potential clients look at and analyze when considering whether to hire the attorney? The answer is her profile!

The professional profile is essentially the same as a resume. It is just as important a marketing tool to the business executive as the resume is to the job hunter.

Your integrity, honesty and commitment are extremely valuable in todays’ world and your profile needs to emphasize these qualities. You want your profile to present you in the best possible light, without over exaggerating your skills, knowledge and expertise. At the same time, you do not want your profile to downplay your accomplishments.

Writing your own biography is not an easy task. That is where a professional writer can step in and help. A professional writer will take the time to get to know you, to understand your background, learn what you have accomplished and where your dreams lie.

A professional writer will create the professional profile you need to portray yourself as an expert. Others will see you in the light you desire. Your potential clients will know who you are and form the lasting impression you are aiming for. Having a professional profile is not much different from having a resume.

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