Prevent Motorbike Crashes and Drive Safe with Battery Operated Electric Bikes

In 2014, the UK saw a huge increase in motorbike crashes. According to the Department of Transport, this could be due to the good weather; it prompted more people to go out and ride their bikes, which increased the rates of casualty. One of the most common causes of motorbike crashes is loss of control due to speed. To avoid this problem, opt for a battery operated electric bike. Electric bikes have safe speeds and offer full control. Some of the other factors that can contribute to motorbike crashes include high acceleration rate and lack of stability. With an electric scooter bike, one can prevent such crashes and drive safe.

An electric motorbike consists of several parts, including the cycling system, which is the traditional bicycle with a pedalling sensor, controller, electric motor, and a battery. Aside from safety, there are many other advantages to using battery operated electric bikes:

  • Eco-friendly – Your vehicle will not be a contributor to CO2 emissions.
  • Affordable – An electric bike is cheaper than motorbikes and cars. What’s more, it runs on virtually nothing. Some models may be charged through a regular power outlet at home while others can get power from an electrical grid or solar panel. You may even find a model that charges itself as you ride downhill.
  • Convenient – An electric bikes does not require a large parking area. Some commuters may even bring their electric bikes along with them on trains.
  • Opportunity for exercise – Unlike motorbikes, a battery operated electric bike can be used as a traditional bicycle. This can help you keep fit and even lose weight. What’s more, you never have to worry about running out of gas.
  • Long-lasting batteries – Most electric bikes run on lithium batteries. Some models may last for 35 to 60 km or even up to 140km. This all depends on the kind of battery operated electric bike you choose, your rate of usage, the kind of terrain you use it on, as well your weight.
  • No need for a licence – An electric motorbike can be used even by teenagers as a licence is not required. As long as the model you choose meet the legal requirements, it is possible to use a battery operated electric bike without insurance or licence. Your electric bike must not exceed a 250W power and cannot weigh more than 40kg. The maximum speed of a battery operated electric bike should only be 25km/h.

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