Prepaid Visa Debit Card

While credit cards are a popular and convenient way to pay for purchases these days, they aren’t a blanket solution that all consumers can use. Some people aren’t able to qualify for traditional credit cards, and others simply want to control their spending with a safer, more convenient option than cash. In these cases, a prepaid Visa debit card offers the best of both worlds. Users are able to carry a card with a major credit card logo and pay with ease, while they aren’t required to have a credit check, and will never have to pay high interest rates or run up a large debt.

While prepaid cards are simply more convenient than cash or checks in some shopping situations (such as groceries, clothes, or other everyday purchases), in some situations they are the only option available. An example of such a situation is travel. Most hotel, airline, and rental car reservations require the use of a major card. For a person who can’t qualify for a credit card, or even a debit card that’s tied to their checking account, a prepaid card is the only option. The same is true for other online shopping, as well. The prepaid Visa debit card is widely accepted, and functions just like the credit or debit card for these situations.

It isn’t always as easy to find a prepaid card as it is to find a traditional credit card. However, several card issuers offer them. Names to check out include ReadyDebit, VisionPremier, AccountNow, and NetSpend. Most don’t require credit checks, and the cards will function the same way. Each company may have minor differences in the available features and in the fee structures for the cards. As with any card, it’s a good idea to do a bit of research before applying for a prepaid Visa debit card.

After applying, the guaranteed approval process usually makes for a pretty smooth road in obtaining the card. Since there aren’t any credit checks or employment verifications required, the process is simple. Most companies still require a social security number, and all will require a valid form of identification. After approval, simply “load” the card by adding funds, and the card will be ready to use! The Prepaid Debit Card is easy to obtain, easy to use, and provides a perfect solution to many spending needs.

Article by Louis,

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