Preliminary Job Interview Question Guide

At one point or another unless we are trust fund babies or are lucky enough to not work, we will have to go through the interview process. Now usually when people go through the interview process they just wing it and whatever comes out of their mouth, comes out of their mouth. But some people, actually enjoy saying the right things and quizzing themselves beforehand. Lucky for the people there are websites online that will answer or ask you a ton of job interview questions.

There are also available articles on these sites for a run down on what you should do at a job interview or what is expected of you. This is great for the people that don’t know what to say, how to act, how to dress or how to answer all those really hard questions like; “Where do you see yourself in ten years” or the ever dreaded “how much pay are you expecting”. If you say too high you look pompous, if you say too low, then you look like you don’t think your worth much. We have many more Job Interview Articles Now Available.

These sites are good for whatever position or job you are going for such as Bluetooth, Java, Communication Skills, Presentation Skills, etc. But they also have other things besides job interview content such as how to write a resume, how to write a thank-you letter after the interview, and action words to be used in the resume. These are all great tips if you’re a beginner or if you have already gone on several interviews. These sites are also really cool for communication reasons. Here is a little sample from the “body language guide, just so you can get a better understand about these sites:

Eye contact
The eye contact helps to create the better interaction and the rapport with the listeners. Always try to look at listener at the end of the sentence to reinforce a message in that sentence.

The gestures can help to give your voice the extra energy and the confidence. Try to gesture on some of the key words – this will give the words a greater emphasis.

The Presence
Adopt ‘Anchor Position’ whenever you do want to keep the body language calm and controlled. While sitting keep the small of your back into the back of the chair. This will help and support your posture and do maintain the energy and the confident style. Aim to keep the body language open and be relaxed all the times. Physical attitude can affect the psychological attitude.

The Movement and the Space
Be sensitive towards the people’s space and try not to intrude into it. To achieve the report when speaking to others try to match up the levels -like either both are sitting or standing with a body angled in towards other person.

So, for instance you are in the office with “the boss” and he or she is asking you all kinds of questions, if you are the type of person that uses a lot of “uhms” and “uhs” then these sites would be particularly good for you because they practically give you the answers to the test so to speak. And that’s exactly what these sites are, they are little cheat sheet guides you can use along the way to perfect your interviewing skills so that you get the job you want, the pay you want and the perks you want! We have many more Job Interview Articles Now Available.

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