Pregnant Woman – Some Unexpected Side Effects

Journey of a pregnant woman to motherhood is replete with a number of surprises. The moment she and her spouse learn that there is pregnancy and a baby is going to be there in their family, they are in an ecstatic mood. It is the most exciting moment for husband as well as wife. It not only transforms the body of a pregnant woman but her mind too. While dealing with the joys and pregnancy celebrations, let’s spare a thought for the anxieties arising during pregnancy, too. Every pregnant woman faces a number of unanticipated side effects during her pregnancy, most of which disappear after pregnancy.

Unexpected Effects Of Pregnancy

Mood Swings

The most common phenomenon that a pregnant woman experiences is that of mood swings. It occurs mainly during the first and the third trimester of the pregnancy. Mood swings make a pregnant woman feel ecstatic as well as depressed and isolated without any rhyme and reason. It is advisable to see the doctor if the problem of depression continues for more than two weeks.

Inability To Concentrate and Take Care

A pregnant woman undergoes hormonal changes, and faces problems of exhaustion, morning sickness and preoccupation with the baby that makes her forgetful. One can successfully overcome this phase of pregnancy by preparing a list of things to be done, taking necessary rest and limited but nutritious diet.

Nesting Instinct

It is commonplace for a pregnant woman to develop an intense nesting instinct, which is a strong desire to provide a home for the ensuing baby and decorate it. However, be careful and avoid too much of hard physical labor to ensure that the baby is safe.

Increased Bra Size

Since the breasts of a pregnant woman continue to get enlarged, get swollen, tender and painful, one must change the bra size to feel comfortable.

Skin Glow

It is not unusual for a pregnant woman to experience an increase in blood volume so that she can cater to the metabolic needs of her fetus. This makes her skin glow and make her look unusually pretty. Some pregnant women also develop rashes, pimples and moles because of hormonal changes. If there is irritation or itchiness due to skin stretching on the abdomen, use skin creams and lotions for relief.

Hair And Nails Growth

A pregnant woman, at times can have hair growth on her face or belly. Her nails may become longer and grow faster.

Increased Shoe Size

It also happens that some pregnant women see their feet swelling, but these changes are not permanent. In order to get relief from the pain, one can wear slip-on shoes of a larger size.

Other Changes

There are few more symptoms of pain during pregnancy, including reduced joint mobility, varicose veins, hemorrhoids and constipation. Though almost all these problems disappear after pregnancy, it is always better to be careful and have a balanced diet. This can help alleviate the adverse effects of these temporary conditions in a pregnant woman. A pregnant woman can look forward to a variety of surprises during her pregnancy. There should not be any anxiety because almost all of these side effects disappear after pregnancy. The golden rule for any pregnant woman is to enjoy these very exciting days, weeks and months that will eventually bring a newborn into the family.

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