Precautions Necessary Before and After Any Cosmetic Surgery

It is wise to know certain necessary facts about body-enhancement surgery before you head to the nearest clinic. Whether breast enhancement, liposuction, or skin replenishment procedures – every kind of medical procedure on your body has its own “pros and cons”. Here are a few key precautions to take before heading to a clinic offering various such procedures of cosmetic surgery for your dream body and looks –

#1 – Exercise: If your muscles aren’t strong and naturally well shaped – no cosmetic surgery can give you a dream body! This is particularly important before cosmetic surgery – try exercising for your ‘six pack abs’ before approaching a doctor.

Exercise rigorously for shaping muscles underneath the fat; so that post-surgery, you have the well sculpted body you’re dreaming of. Even after surgery, the exercise is vital – since muscles will lose their shape and strength if not regularly conditioned after any kind of cosmetic surgery. Make sure you consult a proper fitness trainer to advice you about the exercise regimes that suit your body-type and physical abilities.

#2 – General Health: Cosmetic surgery merely removes the excess fat of your body that is difficult to get rid of with just exercise. Some people may have certain genetic factors that make natural fat loss difficult; so getting help from a cosmetic surgeon is perfectly reasonable.

However, if you have underlying health conditions like diabetes or congenital muscle weakness – there could be certain complications in the procedure. Make sure you have consulted a responsible doctor who will take the necessary precautions, and make thorough investigations before heading you off to surgery!

#3 – Diet: One of the most important precautions to take (both before and after) any kind of body etching cosmetic surgery is to cut down on the Samosas and Coke! Though limited portions of any food can be a part of a ‘healthy’ diet; the general Indian concept of heavy snacking on oily foods is a major cause of excess fat and poor skin conditions.

Personal health and the necessary diet conditioning both before and after cosmetic surgery is vital to the success of the procedure. Consult a dietician and get your diet in check before heading to the clinic!

#4 – Surgeon’s Expertise: Cosmetic medicine is a vast branch of medicine; and know the expertise of your doctor before going in for any kind of cosmetic surgery or skin treatment. While some doctors may be experts at body etching; another doctor may be better skilled at procedures like skin whitening or facial spot removal! Thoroughly research the prior work and profile of your doctor before heading in for any form of cosmetic surgery.


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