Pre-1965 Half Dollars – The Best Way to Invest in Silver

In the past two years, many people have seen their investment portfolios shrink as stocks have become virtually worthless by the time the closing bell rang. In tumultuous economic times, silver coins offer a safe investment opportunity because they are tangible assets rather than meaningless pieces of paper. Silver’s value has been rising steadily, despite the turmoil in the economy.

Silver has been a haven for investors who want to either diversify their portfolios or shore up their financial futures. Among the most popular investments are silver coins, particularly those minted before 1965. We have many more Precious Metals Investing Articles Now Available.

How can you get started, and how will silver coins help you find security during difficult financial times?

Investing in Silver Coins

Silver is becoming a popular investment choice because of the safety and financial benefits. Among the choices – bars, bullion, quarters, dimes, and half dollars – which will provide the most return for your investment?

A bag of silver quarters and dimes nets about 715 ounces of silver, depending on how worn the coins are. By contrast, a bag of silver half dollars will net 720 ounces. Half dollars are typically much less worn than quarters and dimes and yield more refined silver than other coins.

Half Dollars to Consider

Investors will find better premiums with silver half dollars, particularly those minted before 1964. Three such coins are usually singled out by investors: the Walking Liberty, Ben Franklin, and 1964 Kennedy. After 1965, the silver content in half dollars was significantly reduced, so those issued before that date are the most sought after by investors and collectors.

This Junk is Good

Coins that do not have collector value are known as “junk coins.” But they are certainly not junk to investors. Junk coins are typically sold in bags with a $1000 face value and are used solely for their monetary value, not any collector value.

Junk coins are actually worth quite a lot to investors, and today, junk coins are becoming harder to find. They present investors with a safe option against any instability of the dollar in the future. Many of the silver half dollars issued before 1965 are considered junk coins.

If you are interested in investing in silver, you need to know as much as you can about these pre-1965 half dollars. They can help you build a stronger, more stable portfolio if you invest properly. We have many more Precious Metals Investing Articles Now Available.