Potty Training – Helpful Tips

Babies! That word brings up a lot of sweet, cuddly feelings both in parents and caregivers alike. But then such feelings momentarily disappear when faced with smelly diapers. As babies become full-grown say in their 18th to 25th month max, we sense they get generally comfortable with wearing them, much to our utter chagrin!

Of course, we want to stop spending money on those diapers and we crave for them to even more importantly, gain a mastery of their bowel movement. This leads to the use of potty or toilet. Sadly, most parents find it frustrating and in fact daunting waiting for their babies to get the hang of a potty use. There are so many approaches to potty training or toilet training your child, each beneficial in their own rights. This leads us logically to the following questions;



. HOW DO I DETERMINE THAT MY CHILD IS READY; a lot of this has to do with your personal assessment of your Child’s comprehension. If your child can readily know words for stool or urine, feels uncomfortable or irritable if soiled, has a consciousness of his bowel movement e.g that he feels like “peeing” and curiously plays with his potty or wanders most of the time to your bathroom,then these are some classic signs that he’s ready for your famous potty training. If on the other hand, he isn’t just ready yet for your potty training, give it a rest and pick it up in some weeks or months time. After all, none of us still wears diapers!

. HOW DO I HELP HIM/HER GET READY; potty training demands a lot of patience and ironically cheerfulness? Yes, because your child will need repeated bathroom trips, relapses and encouragements before he finally gets it right! Let’s not forget that you may have a day job that may sap you of the needed time and patience to help your baby master the potty use. If your child is dropped off at a day care center or you have a minder that comes around regularly, it will be a great idea to carry them along or even enlist their help, there’s absolutely no shame in that! If you are married or have a partner and you both live together, they can pitch in too. Remember though to always give commendation along the way; it’s a journey of sorts. And lest I forget, please try to get a potty that is just the right size for your infant.

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