Porto; The jewel of Portugal’s Tourism

While talking about tourism in Portugal one cannot underestimate the influence of Porto Portugal attractions. Tourism in the northern part of Portugal is mostly controlled by Porto city and its surrounding Parishes. When it comes to Porto Portugal attractions, there are seven outstanding places that one cannot miss.

However, for a new traveler historical center is an excellent place to begin his walking tour inside the city. Porto, the second largest metropolitan city of Portugal is situated along the banks of river Douro. Porto is actually an old commercial port with more than 1000 years of trading experience. Every year historical center of Porto Portugal tourism attracts millions of visitors to see the Middle age construction and the old Port. River Douro separates the Porto city from Vila Nova de Gaia.

People who are interested in historical tourism in Portugal should visit the city center of Porto. Porto city center displays different types of old mansions with typical blue Portuguese tiles. City center of Porto is a right combination of modern life and old streets and buildings. City center of Porto is one of the main Porto Portugal attraction. We have many More Europe Tourist Destinations Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

There are five main bridges that connect the city of Porto to Vila Nova de Gaia and the rest of the country. However, the bridge Ponte de Dona Maria Pia, that was built in 1877 is a main Porto Portugal attractions. The old part of Porto city is built up on a hill. Here, one can see the most valuable architecture techniques of middle age by visiting bishops palace, monasteries, and churches. Another outstanding feature of all these buildings is that they were not built using the same construction plan and features different models and styles. 1996, UNESCO declared the old part of Porto as world heritage site. According to the declaration from UNESCO, these buildings are built between 13th and 19th century.

Boavista is a nice place in Porto to find a hotel or residence. This part of the city provides fast access to any other region including Foz do Douro. Foz do Douro is the mouth of the river Douro that joins the Atlantic ocean. This is the right Porto Portugal attraction where you can walk and talk and ride a bike and can get engaged with any other touristic activities. So, if you are interested in Porto Portugal tourism, then it is a better idea to book your hotel around Boavista.

Chez Lapin (old traditional restaurant), Luiz Ferreira Alves (transport and communication museum), tram Museum (a collection of trams) are some other places that are supported by Porto Portugal tourism. We have many More Europe Tourist Destinations Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

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