Porto Portugal attractions: Porto beaches

There are several tourist-friendly beaches in Porto. This article provides a good list of three important beach locations in Porto Portugal.

Porto Portugal attractions Miramar Porto beach: Miramar is actually a sea village and Popular domestic beach in Vila Nova de Gaia. Miramar Porto beach is one of the romantic places to spend holidays in Portugal. The two main attractions of this beach are: chapel of Senhor da Pedra and the rocks. The beach itself is rich in esplanades and cafes. Ready made tourism sponsored by travel agencies however, underestimate the coziness of the beach.

There is a golf club close to the beach. The beach is good for different water sports such as surfing and fishing. It is a romantic idea to walk along the beach during the sunset. Tourists who are statying in Porto city or in Vila Nova de Gaia can easily access the beach through domestic trains or buses. Sightseeing Porto tour buses also do shuttle trips to Miramar Porto beach. Miramar Porto beach is actually ten kilometers away from the city. We have many More Portugal Vacation Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

Porto Portugal attractions Vila do Conde Porto beach: Vila do Conde Porto beach is another romantic beach that is close to Porto city. The municipality of Vila do Conde has more than 18 kilometers of beach with all safety measures. The beach is good for various kind of water sports. Vila do Conde Porto beaches are around 20 Km from Porto and can access through various means.

If you want to enjoy the beauty of the rural landscape along the way to beaches can take the A28 road. Metro is another fast access to the beaches in Vila do Conde. Travelers with car can take A11 highway to reach Vila do Conde Porto beach. Four famous beaches in Vila do Conde are: Castelo-Forte S.João Baptista situated at Avenida Brasil, Vila do Conde, Praia Olinda Av Brasil, Castelo Forte S.João Baptista, and Praia Da Azurara. Vila do Conde municipality itself is a good center of needle work, ironworks and wool sweaters.

Porto Portugal attractions Espinho Porto beach: Espinho Porto beach is the right place for people who love to spend a calm and quiet beach tourism in Portugal. Before this beach was underestimated by so-called, professional travel agencies and packages. However, with the help of internet more and more foreign travelers come to know the beauty of this beach and are visiting this beach every summer. Consistent sunny beach offer various kind of water sports and fun. The beach is situated 15 Km away from Porto city. The cheapest way to access the beach is by train. Golf courses are another major attraction of Espinho.

There are several other domestic beaches in Porto. We have many More Europe Vacation Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

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