Port Douglas in Queensland Australia

Port Douglas is located close to Cairns and is a place that has much to offer to anyone that is looking to travel or stay in Queensland and its coastal areas. This is a place where you can stay at the best resorts in all of Australia and there are also a number of world class restaurants here that you will really enjoy visiting. If you want even more then you need to check out the many excellent galleries and the outstanding boutiques where you will find many interesting articles. You should visit this part of Australia between June and the end of October.

Port Douglas offers much, especially in terms of outstanding relaxation and the village atmosphere that you will get to enjoy here is truly sophisticated. The excellent Macrossan Street that is the very heart of this village is certainly worth checking out. This is because here you will find excellent restaurants and you will also get to enjoy visiting the bars and cafes and boutiques and galleries. We have many More Australia Vacation Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

Here, you will also get to see the excellent Four Mile Beach that is located south of Macrossan Street and then there is the Sunday market held at Anzac Park that is well worth checking out as well. If you need to find some suitable Port Douglas accommodation then you can take heart from the fact that there are many options available including luxury hotels and more economically priced boutique apartments and low cost studios.

For those who desire living in an apartment in Port Douglas, there are so many options available that offer you a breadth of options. There is nothing quite like an apartment in this part of the world and you can find many that are a perfect fit for a couple and also for those who like to do their own catering.

If you are looking more different accommodation options, then again Port Douglas offers much, especially as this place is home to the best resorts in all of North Queensland. Here, you will find luxury options that you may not find elsewhere.

There are also many excellent tours that are worth taking that take you to the reefs. Your operator will generally come and take you on the tour by picking you up from your accommodation. There is also a shuttle bus service that leaves from Macrossan Street.

If you need the best in Port Douglas accommodation then with so many options to pick from you will have your hands full choosing the best accommodation. Mostly, you can find suitable accommodation for 100 dollars per room which is affordable and what every budget minded traveler will be looking for.

If you have a lot of money to spend on your accommodation then there are the more expensive hotels which charge approximately 289 dollars per room. For this price you will get to stay in true luxury and you will also be pampered to the limit. The best part is that this kind of accommodation will be located in secluded parts where you will get to enjoy utmost privacy.

Most Port Douglas accommodation options also offer the most spectacular views of the untouched coastline and of the Coral Sea. Such accommodation is also very suitable for those who want to enjoy a romantic stay and who need something special to stoke their romantic desires.

You will get to stay in luxurious bungalows that are constructed out of timber and which are nestled in secluded and private spots. You can rest assured that with so many options to pick from, there is bound to be something to suit your needs and your budget. We have many More Australia Vacation Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

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