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Please enjoy our makeup articles. In this section we have created articles on make up classified as a “general”. Have fun reading them, enjoy and we hope you will have more ideas for your makeup after reading make up section. We also invite you to check our other makeup categories on the left side – (spring makeup, summer makeup, autumn makeup and winter makeup in urdu).

How to Get and Maintain the Perfect Eyebrow – The sad truth is that most women often neglect to groom or shape their eyebrows, which can lead to a less beautiful overall image. So here, we will describe some beauty tips for the best way to achieve and maintain that perfect eyebrow to enhance your overall beauty.

Makeup Trends Boys Love – Even if it is common to claim that girls want to look hot in order to make their lady-friends envy it is still a fact that we also long for a look that is more than appealing to guys. The following makeup trends boy love will help you select the best makeup colors and designs when it comes of a special event as a romantic date.

Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial – Smoldering dark eyes is a classic sexy look that’s perfect for date night or a formal evening event. To get the look, you can use black eyeliner and eyeshadow or experiment with rich jewel tones like sapphire blue, amethyst purple, and emerald green. Check how to create smokey eye makeup.

The Myth of Black Mascara – OK, so everyone has a tube of black mascara. Some of us even have tubes of exotic colors like purple and green but if you’re over 29, they really shouldn’t be worn unless it’s Halloween or Disco Night.

How to Choose Right Lip Plumper – Soft and Full – It’s important to know how to choose the right lip plumper, because there are several different types on the market.

Makeup for older woman – Women with mature skin are as beautiful as the dewy youth – just in a different way.

Permanent eyebrows makeup – read how permanent makeup is done and how long it lasts.

The art of camouflage – Start your makeup with foundation. This is the base which determines the final effect.

Makeup Blush – You can do a variety of things using blush – make your skin more beautiful, make yourself look younger, “reshape” your face. Without even a slightest amount of blush, your makeup will not be expressive enough.

Wedding Makeup – big day is coming and we come up with ideas for your wedding day! Remember, wedding day is as important as the future you and your partner will share together.

Permanent Makeup – is safe and long lasting. Permanent makeup is even used as a tool in medicine. More details in article.

Magic of Makeup – foundation, foundation, foundation… it’s all about it. All you need to know about foundation.

Good Makeup Foundation is Like Your Second Skin – You may have perfect complexion for the whole day. Foundation hides skin defects, smoothes skin and makes it bright. And if you find your colour, it will be invisible.

Do You Want to Look Like a Star? – Are you going to the party? We will tell you how to look gorgeous even if you are exhausted.

Expressive Eyebrows – in this article we will concentrate on eyebrows as we mostly pay too much attention on our eyelashes, let’s do it different way. Let’s focus on eyebrows and go from there.

ABC Makeup Cosmetic Guidelines – are you looking for all-in-onr article? For those who doesn’t have too much time but want to get all the basics.

Colour analysis – the basis of good business image – some history, some facts and some good advice. First and most important step… colour analysis.

Colors of soul – as you walk through all the articles, there is a lot about colors and we know, it may be boring and not interesting, but there is nothing more important than matching colors with our beauty type.

Optical correction of your nose – your nose looks too large, too long? Makeup can help you fix it.

Fever of sense – is there anything better than afrodyziacs? Only the cosmetics we recommend, so please check them!

Get ageless eyes – for 20s, 30s and 40s some advice how to take care of your eyes.

How to make Your eyes beautiful? – it’s an amazing feeling when people say “you have so beautiful eyes”, we know you know this feeling too, so let’s work on our eyes and let other complement us!

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