Policy Administration System: Customization to the Last Mile!

The global insurance industry has been witnessing a healthy spurt of growth and the growth trend is set to continue in the years to come. That is to say, the emerging markets are growing at a faster rate than the mature markets. As a result, the need for custom-made software application that specifically addresses critical business challenges in insurance automation, especially Policy Administration, Claims functions, will be a key determinant to differentiate across both their top and bottom lines.

Specializing in developing custom-made Policy Administration System that is flexible and not at all expensive to run can raise the growth prospects several notches higher. On the other hand, inflexible custom-made software applications that don’t meet the needs of the insurance organizations can straightaway hurt the growth prospects.

What could be the real solution to today’s market dynamics that plot the course of action to replace the antiquated systems with custom-made ones? Supposing you have tens of thousands of claims to process in a day, then what will be the scope and impact of any defects that may arise? A small single decimal point shift can run into millions of dollars!

In the next few sections we shall see how the cost and effort of customization drive can make a profound difference to solving Policy Administration System constraints that involve, inevitably, your organization’s enhanced business capabilities, operation efficiency and profitable growth.

Out With the Old, In With the New

Antiquated systems in whole (or in part) are a thing of the past. To be fair, they should be directed to the dustbins of yesterday’s redundant technology. What we should be welcoming is how we work around these redundant systems to transform them into flexible systems that bring enhanced business capabilities – never mind the cost and effort required for upgrade or replace these obsolete and outdated systems.

Perhaps, the decision is not that easy for insurance companies to take, especially when it comes to bridging the gaps between their business requirements and technical implementation requiring a great deal of thinking and careful approach. But there are a few options for them such as packaged software replacement, custom replacement, and legacy modernization that are readily available in the market today.

Go With the Leader Insurers Trust

This is where Prime Technology’s responsive SaaS-based claims administration software, PrimePAS, comes into the picture. PrimePAS is robust from the word go. It’s beautifully customizable insurance policy administration software application is revolutionizing the insurance claims market. Insurers, annuity carriers and property & casualty commercial lines carriers have leveraged PrimePAS’s excellent track record in indentifying the key levers to mapping the real-world capabilities and drive intrinsic business value to service the entire policy lifecycle. PrimePAS transforms insurers’ ability to improve front-end service quality which we think is a top challenge among insurance executives.

PrimePAS’s administrative framework comprising methods, tools and accelerators streamlines your operations with an eye for efficiency and convenience that achieves immediate benefits. Our flexible insurance policy administration software provides full-record and support functionality to better manage your customers and insurance policies throughout the lifecycle.

Using our policy administration software, servicing clients, channelizing sales activity, and managing overall operations have never been so easy and convenient. We provide customization to the last mile, streamlining of all business processes, allowing you to focus on your customers.

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