Playa Del Carmen's Vacation Rentals: Never miss the homely warmth even while holidaying

Hans Christian Anderson once said, “To Travel is to Live”. Perhaps, this is what he uttered when he had been devouring the beauty of Playa del Carmen. Playa del Carmen, a coastal town across the Riviera Maya, represents the traditional Caribbean culture in its truest spirit. This Mexican resort town has been witnessing great footfall for its international golf championships and enchanting marine life for over a decade, now.

Playa has Quinta Avenida pedestrian thoroughfare as one of its top attractions that calls travelers to take this road, at least, once in a lifetime. Parallel to the Riviera Maya beach, it is home to various souk shops, restaurants, and night-clubs. Also, Playa hosts one of the most popular dance & music festivals around the world –The BPM– in January each year. All this makes it one of the must-to-visit-before-you-die destinations!

And if you’re looking for a decent getaway to relax and have some fun; Playa is calling!

Say No to Hotels

When you took a plane to Playa and start finding the right hotel that gives you a handful of amenities, world-class services and enough PRIVACY– you’re most likely to get disappointed in the unnecessary search! This has made people to turn to vacation homes than staying in cheap hotels at bargain rates.
To get more clarity in this regard, here is a small account to know why renting a vacation home is always wise decision:

Home over Hotels: You get the feeling of “Home”

Yes, you do. The vacation Rental Homes are always warmer and more comfortable than cold and isolated hotel suites. On renting someone’s well-furnished home for vacation; you get the access to all the amenities private pools, hot tubs, patios, golf course court, and everything for free!

Did you know Vacation Rental Homes are cheaper than hotel rooms?

Yes, you get to a save a lot of money when you’re living in a vacation home. A vacation home includes 2 or more master bedrooms, which let more than eight people to sleep comfortably. Adding to this, most of such homes have fully-equipped kitchen that allows you to cook and eat anything, anytime.

Privacy: No need to hang the most misunderstood DND signboard

Vacation Rental Homes offer you more privacy than hotel rooms. It is mainly because these homes are located in quiet residential streets that often provide you a secluded beach access. Because many vacation homes have extra bedrooms, spacious living rooms, and kitchen backyards, they are immensely popular among kids. So, you can easily enjoy quality time with your family without being constantly piqued by bellboys and tip-seekers.

And, now is the time!

If you’ve made up your mind to explore this Mexican town, adjoining the Yucatán Peninsula; then Vimex Vacation Rentals is the name to look for the best vacation rental services across the Playa Del Carmen. At VVR, we have been renting unique vacation homes, fancy villas, condos and private apartments to travelers from all over the world since 2006. Whether you wish for a family gathering or a romantic getaway, we are confident to provide you a vacation rental home that complements your taste without burning holes into your pocket.

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