Picking Out a Bounce House Company

Every kid wants a bounce house at their party.  Bounce house companies can be hard to find and call however, so how do you pick the right one?  Follow these steps and you will be successful in finding a bounce house company for your kids party.

1.  Find a bounce house company on the web – Use your favorite search engine to locate a bounce house company.  Check out that company’s website to see how professional the bounce house company really is.  Many times you can tell how professional a company is by the quality of their web presence.  Do they have nice, well kept data and pictures on their website?  Or does it look like a fourth grader put it together?  A bounce house company that invests time in their customer’s experience on the web will invest in their customer’s experience at their party.

2.  Call that bounce house company and ask the following – Do you have insurance?  Can you add a park, school, or business as additional insured?  Do you require a deposit?  Do you accept credit cards?  Do you have a business license?  What is your accident history?  Do you sanitize your equipment before and after every event?  Are you SIOTO certified?

3.  Be sure to get paperwork after you leave a deposit and use a credit card, not debit card, for a deposit.  This will allow you to recover your deposit if your bounce house company doesn’t show up.  This will not be an issue with a reputable company.

4.  Nail down a delivery time with the bounce house company.  They should be able to give you a delivery time within an hour of your event.

5.  Make the delivery easy – Make sure your yard is clear, your gate is clear, and the bounce house delivery driver does not have to move anything around during delivery.  This will make the event start faster.

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