Pets Enrich Our Lives

Are you a dog person or a cat person? Do you like needy-creature-love-sponges who follow you around from room to room watching your every move, waiting for the slightest invitation to smother you with love? Then the humble, egoless dog is for you. Or, do you prefer a more proud, independent, aloof, play-hard-to-get sort who teases and taunts, just out of reach, until they need something? Then cats are your playmates. If you are someone enjoys having a living companion but prefers observing them more than touching them then perhaps fish, reptiles or birds are your favorite companions to share your home and life with. It seems the majority of pets who share our lives in America are dogs and cats though, so they are the focus of this article.

Dog people tend to enjoy a companion who is their friend and spends time with them. Cat people tend to enjoy the independence cats exhibit until they choose to bless them with their presence because they need something. There are dog people and there are cat people. And, there are people who just don’t want to be bothered with all the hair, inconvenience and responsibility of dealing with having pets to care for in their lives.

If you are a pet person, then you are blessed with added companionship, love and even improved health as a result of having a pet in your life. Yes, that’s right research studies have proven that pets help relieve stress and improve our health and extend our lives. They add to the quality of our lives by simply being there to touch, take care of and even talk to and comfort us when we are blue. We could learn a lot about living from observing our pets. We have many more Pets Care Articles Now Available.

Imagine how lonely the old widower who has just lost his lifelong sweetheart of 50 plus years must be. But, what if he were to appease his grief by rescuing a dog or cat to share his life? What new meaning would that bring to his life? Now he’s got a companion again, someone to care for and love, someone to spend time with. Do you think he has a better chance of living a happier, healthier, longer life with his new companion? Emphatically yes! Research has proven it!

How about the little boy who needs to learn how to take care of his things and be responsible? Sure chores will help teach him to be respectful of his environment and doing his part in a family and community but having a pet to care for will teach him to respect and honor life. A pet can provide some of our children’s best childhood memories and teach them empathy and compassion through the experience of being responsible for caring for a little life that is dependent on them.

Pets teach us so much about life, just being, loving unconditionally and how to be a more empathetic and caring person. They bring us so much love simply with their presence. Pets provide us with companionship and unconditional love and console us through life’s ups and downs simply by just being there.

Research has also discovered that the physical affection of cats and dogs relieves stress and brings our heart rates down. So cuddle up with your favorite furry family member and live a long, healthy, happy life! Pets are good for us body, mind and soul because they give us so much in such a simple way, just by being in our lives. Take good care of your pets and they will be loyal companions that give you much more than you could have ever imagined. We have many more Pets Care Articles Now Available.