Personal Internet Security 2011 Removal – How To Get Rid Of Personal Internet Security 2011 From Your PC

Pesonal Internet Security 2011 is a fake piece of software which has been designed by hackers to try and get you to buy the rogue upgrade to the program. We’ve found that although this virus may look real, it’s a total fake and should not be trusted at all – even if your life depends on it. The way this works is to try and get you to buy the rogue upgrade to the program, as well as continually attempting to cause all sorts of problems & issues for your PC. You can remove it here.

In order to correctly remove this virus, you need to first ensure that you know what the virus is. The best way to describe this infection is to call it a rogue piece of software (it’s officially called a “malware” (malicious software) infection that will basically install itself automatically onto your PC, and then cause all sorts of problems as a result. Despite the virus looking legitimate, it’s a total scam and should not be trusted. Unlike other viruses, this infection works by installing itself onto your PC and then blocking various important parts of Windows to try and prevent your PC from running properly.

What Is This Virus & How Did It Infect My PC?

The Personal Internet Security 2011 infection is a piece of software called a “malware” (malicious software) infection – which basically works by installing itself onto your computer and then causing all sorts of problems as a result. You can see the virus here:


This virus will have installed itself from some sort of Internet source, including the likes of a fake email attachment, rogue download or malicious website – and will now be causing all sorts of problems for your PC as it will block Task Manager, your programs and Internet options. If you are unfortunate enough to have this infection on your system, it’s vital that you’re abl eto get rid of it in the most effective way possible.

This virus will install install itself into this folder of your PC:

  • {7bd3c7ad8bdfca6261de5ca927cd789e17dbb7ab504f10fcfc6fb045f62ae8d5}appdata{7bd3c7ad8bdfca6261de5ca927cd789e17dbb7ab504f10fcfc6fb045f62ae8d5}personal internet security 2011instructions.ini
  • {7bd3c7ad8bdfca6261de5ca927cd789e17dbb7ab504f10fcfc6fb045f62ae8d5}appdata{7bd3c7ad8bdfca6261de5ca927cd789e17dbb7ab504f10fcfc6fb045f62ae8d5}personal internet security 2011cookies.sqlite
  • {7bd3c7ad8bdfca6261de5ca927cd789e17dbb7ab504f10fcfc6fb045f62ae8d5}startmenu{7bd3c7ad8bdfca6261de5ca927cd789e17dbb7ab504f10fcfc6fb045f62ae8d5}Personal Internet Security 2011.lnk
  • {7bd3c7ad8bdfca6261de5ca927cd789e17dbb7ab504f10fcfc6fb045f62ae8d5}commonprograms{7bd3c7ad8bdfca6261de5ca927cd789e17dbb7ab504f10fcfc6fb045f62ae8d5}Personal Internet Security 2011.lnk
  • {7bd3c7ad8bdfca6261de5ca927cd789e17dbb7ab504f10fcfc6fb045f62ae8d5}commonappdata{7bd3c7ad8bdfca6261de5ca927cd789e17dbb7ab504f10fcfc6fb045f62ae8d5}sqhdr5wksra_249.exe
  • {7bd3c7ad8bdfca6261de5ca927cd789e17dbb7ab504f10fcfc6fb045f62ae8d5}commonappdata{7bd3c7ad8bdfca6261de5ca927cd789e17dbb7ab504f10fcfc6fb045f62ae8d5}sqhdr535.mof
  • {7bd3c7ad8bdfca6261de5ca927cd789e17dbb7ab504f10fcfc6fb045f62ae8d5}commonappdata{7bd3c7ad8bdfca6261de5ca927cd789e17dbb7ab504f10fcfc6fb045f62ae8d5}smeyfe

How To Remove This Virus From Your PC

There are two ways to get rid of this infection from your PC – which can either be done by using an automated program or by manually removing the virus from your system. If you’re compitent with PCs, you can manually remove the virus by first restarting your PC and then loading up your system into “Safe Mode” (which can be done by pressing F8 when you restart your PC). This will stop the virus from loading up, and will then allow you to delete all the files listed above (to get rid of it from your PC for good). This is pretty easily done if you’re fully aware of what “Safe Mode” is and how to properly delete files.

If you’re not too confident with computers, the best way to get rid of the virus is to use a piece of software called a “malware removal tool”. These are programs which look through your PC and get rid of any of the infected parts of the virus that you have. We’ve found a program called “Frontline Rogue Remover” is the best at removing this particular infection, as this is the only one which shows you how to stop the virus from running and will then remove it from your PC for you.

You can remove Personal Internet Security 2011 from your computer by using the tutorial and tools on my website. You can view my website to get rid of the infection on your PC for good.

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