Personal Antivirus Removal – Wondering How to Remove Personal Antivirus?

Are you a victim of Personal Antivirus? What appears like a legit virus scanner is actually in fact the virus itself. PAV will not remove any viruses or spyware, it will instead try to remove your credit card number for the use of identity thieves.

Many unfortunate folks make the mistake of keeping the ‘removal software’ on their computers, letting the software do further damage, such as sending itself through infected photos and movie files. The virus continues to spread through the use of your contacts in your e-mail address book.

How did you get infected with Personal Antivirus? It could have happened due to a number of different ways.

Here are a couple of common ways to get the trojan:

  • by visiting a questionable, unsafe website
  • by downloading an infected mp3, video file, or photo

How To Remove Personal Antivirus:

Fake antivirus programs are hard to remove. They are programmed in such a way that normal removal methods won’t function.

Manual Removal: To remove this fake software, must first remove all contaminated files. Next, you must find all infected registry files. For pav.exe, the DLL files to adjust are wincontrol.dll, msxmlm.dll and msxml71.dll, and will normally be located in the LOCAL_HKEY_USER folder in your registry. Next, delete all program files in the Programs/Personal Antivirus folder and all associated files in the Application Data folder.

Manual removal is only recommended for tech professionals, as adjusting or deleting the wrong file can result in an unstable computer which performs worse than before.

Automatic Removal: Luckily, we have automatic virus removal programs. These programs scan your computer and in 5 minutes tell you exactly what infections you have. You can then delete all current viruses on your system and have additional protection against future viruses. It’s a no-brainer.

Are you tired of worrying about headaches like the Personal Antivirus virus? Don’t let trojans ruin your life.

Remove personal antivirus automatically and protect your important files and credit card numbers.

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