Party Makeup Tricks

We all wear makeup regularly, each day. We enhance out beauty when we go to the office, shopping, or even just in the markets. Women like to look good in any situation. But when it comes to making out look for a Friday night, we all like to do special looks and makeups. So here are a few useful tips to help you out in looking fabulous even in the wildest party ever.

Makeup Base

Prepare your face by exfoliating and moisturizing it. If your skin doesn’t have any major problems. Use a tinted moisturizer and a translucent powder to get a matte finish. It is more than enough as a makeup base. If you have oily skin, keep in mind that your look will need touch- ups, so take the powder with you.

In case you have skin problems, try to hide your flaws. Use a concealer to hide the dark under eye circles, foundation that matches your skin type and skin tone, and a powder to get the matte finish. Make sure you have the proper products to hide your flaws, the wright shade and texture.

How to Get Smokey Eyes Makeup

Eye Makeup tips

The eyes are the main part of a makeup. To make sure it will be long lasting look, use a primer. It will keep the eyeshadow in a perfect condition and it will make it a vivid shade. Don’t be afraid to use stronger colors, since in the evening you’ll look more pale. The face needs more contrast to get noticed, so make sure you emphasize your eyes more than you do with the day makeup.

Use waterproof eye liners and mascara, but be more careful when removing them. The waterproof cosmetics are harder to remove, and if you don’t have patience to make it properly, you’ll damage your skin. Use eye makeup remover products that will help you out with these stubborn cosmetics.

Also, keep in mind that being waterproof means holding on stronger to your skin, and damaging it more than normal ones. Make sure you remove your makeup after each time you’ve used them. If you are a lazy one, prepare some makeup remover wipes near you bad. This way, all you’ll need to do is to wipe your face off before falling asleep.

If you are the careful person, than remove your makeup, wash, tone and moisturize after each party.

Long Lasting Lips

If you prefer having tinted lips, and not only some tinted lip balm or lip gloss, than go for a lip pencil. Using it as a contour, it will stop the lipstick from getting smudged, and if you use it as a lipstick base, it will make it long lasting.

Keep in mind that a party makeup ha to be more bold, more vivid and long lasting. Don’t be afraid to use colorful eyeshadows to make stronger looks, primers and waterproof cosmetics to make it long lasting. But don’t forget to remove your makeup in order to avoid the early aging effects.

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