Parts Of Resume

The sections in the resume help to give the distinctive factor to the resume than other written documents. The different parts in the resume help the reader i.e. the hiring manager in scanning the key areas of the resume. The layout and format of the resume can be shown as different feature with the help of parts of resume. Every individual arranges the various parts of resume in different manner to make his/her resume look unique.

There in no specific or particular manner in which you can present the information in parts of your resume. The focus of your resume determines which part of resume should be highlighted and the other part secondary importance. This also depends on the format that you are using for drafting the resume.

The following points will help you in finding out the main parts of resume:

1.Heading: This is the beginning of your resume. The heading is nothing but the identity information for your recruiters to contact you. It should include your full name, and contact details like address, phone number, and email address. This is important and helps the hiring manager understand your identity.

2.Career Objective: This part of your resume is summary of the skills, qualification and career goals of an individual. The objective will help the recruiter in getting an idea about your profile.

3.Skills: You have to include all the skills that you possess. You need to include the proficiency in computers i.e. technical skills, fluency in a foreign language i.e. language proficiency in this part of the resume.

4.Education: This is an important area in your resume. Make sure that you include all the details like educational qualifications, year of passing, college/university attended. You can give information about certifications and diploma completed, trainings and seminar attended in this section. The degrees have to be arranged in reverse chronological manner.

5. Work Experience: You need to include all the part-time and full-time jobs that you have done. You should begin with the most recent job and then move backwards. You have to mention details like name of the organization, period of working, designation and job profile. You can mention internships that you have completed. List the achievements under each job.

6.Interests: You can include voluntary experience that you have gained working with NGOs, clubs, etc. You can include your hobbies and leisure time interests. This will bring out different facets of your personality.

Based on the requirements, you can shuffle these sections or parts in the resume. You may include details like personal profile that has your nationality, date of birth, gender, etc. It is optional. You can include extra curricular activities if you were outstanding in sports, dramatics, music etc. Resume is a subjective matter. To personalize a resume you can always reshuffle the sections of resume according to your requirements and profile. You can add some sections while delete a few on the needs of your resume. An individual has the full freedom and personal choice while drafting his/her resume.

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