Paris Attractions Revealed

There are innumerable historic and cultural Paris attractions, which makes it difficult for the tourists to make up their mind about places to visit when touring for a short span. We have many More Paris Tourist Attractions Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

City Overview:
The French capital is renowned for being the “City of Lights” as well as the “most romantic city”. Visit any place, be it the Notre Dame Cathedral or the Eiffel Tower, you will feel the love and freshness in the air.

Places which you must visit
– The Eiffel Tower is visited by six million tourists every year and it is the jewel crown for the capital city.
– The most renowned museum of the world, the Louvre, has got its fame due to the Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo De Vinci.
– The Pompidou Centre is one of the Paris attractions that attract the lovers of modern art. It is an entertainment hub for young and the old.
– The science museum, Cite Des Sciences Et De L’Indutrie is the fountainhead with regard to knowledge about science and technology.
– If you are in search of impressive and historical paintings, do not miss the Musse D’orsay.
– The famous arch that was started in Napoleon’s time but was completed only after his death in 1836, the Arc De Triomphe, offers spectacular sights of the city.
– One of the most spectacular cathedrals of the world is the Notre Dame, which is visited by every tourist visiting paris.
– Every tourist must take a boat-ride down the Seine they shouldn’t forget to take the camera along.
– The Disneyland Resorts has an entertainment district as well as seven hotels.

Things which you must do
– Take a ride on a double-decker tour and sightsee all the Paris attractions from the bus window, by just availing a limited or unlimited pass.
– Go on a sunset cruise on the river Seine and watch the sun set over the majestic

Eiffel Tower.
– Take a walk at the Arc de Triomphe and Champs Elysees and enjoy the Paris beauty.
– Capture your moments in the Gothic gem, the Saint Chapelle Church.
– Collect as much knowledge about history by visiting Napoleon’s Tomb.
– Do not miss the French Cuisine, the Bon Appetit!

Shopping and Sports in the City
If you are looking for rare fine art books, Paris is the perfect house for ancient art. If you are an extravagant shopper, you must visit the Piaget, Chanel, Chaumet and Cartier. You can explore the latest fashion and designer wear in the Paris markets. With reference to sports, the game of basketball is celebrated and upheld in name and fame. The most coveted sports vouchers are Euro league Final 4 tickets.

How to spend night life
Some of the clubs may have lost the glory, but they have still managed to retain the charm. Some of them are 8 arrondissement, Cafe Charbon, Buddha Bar and 8 bis rue Boissy d’Anglas. There are many cafes and bars too that operate throughout the night.

Famous Festivals
The land of Paris attractions celebrates many festivals which include “techno parade”, Paris Fashion Week (March for the winter collections and October for the spring-summer collections) and Six Nations Rugby. We have many More Paris Tourist Attractions Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

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